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Why Does New York Honor So Few Women in Monuments?

BY TEQUILA MINSKY | The March weather was brisk, but with sunny skies the day mostly cooperated with the desire of participants to soak in the rare women who merited statuary recognition in New York. “I’m disgusted that every public dedication for bridges, roads, airports are named for men,” Vilma Nelson said of her reasons […]

BY KELSY CHAUVIN | Exactly 100 years ago, only 12 US states allowed women to vote, even though all men, regardless of race, could vote beginning in 1870. In New York — the very state where the first women’s rights convention took place in Seneca Falls in 1848 — suffrage had to wait until 1917. […]

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BY TEQUILA MINSKY | On December 3, students from M.S. 256, which is housed in the Joan of Arc Educational Complex, walked the few blocks from their Upper West Side location to their school’s namesake — the Joan of Arc statue at the foot of West 93rd Street and Riverside Drive. They were to be a part […]

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