A stolen wallet, an Italian Ice shop robbery and apartment break in are on this week’s Uptown blotter

19th Precinct

New Year, new wallet.

Shortly after witnessing the ball drop in Times Square on Wednesday, Jan. 1, a 21-year-old woman boarded a northbound subway. According to police, she fell asleep holding a bag containing her Louis Vuitton wallet, Metrocard and iPhone charger. When she woke up at the East 96th St. station, her bag was missing and immediately contacted police.  

Iced Out

Ralph’s Famous Italian Ices, located at 1588 1st Ave., was burglarized around the holidays.

The store was closed for Christmas Eve  and Christmas Day and was reopened by 31-year-old female store employee Dec. 26 at approximately 5:45 p.m.  The employee noticed the padlock on the outside door was unlocked. Once inside, she found the breakers turned off and money missing from the cash register as well as the office safe. There were also two Android tablets missing.  The total loss is estimated at $1300, police said.  The store’s security camera captured two unknown men entering the store on early December 26, at approximately 2:40 a.m. The investigation into the burglary is still ongoing. 

Shoplift turned Robbery

A case of shoplifting at an Upper East Side clothing store almost took a violent turn on Monday, Dec. 30.  Security cameras at the H&M located at 150 East 86th St. showed six people—three men and three women — enter the store with a large, empty H&M bag at approximately 12:15 p.m. The group proceeded to remove items off of displays and place them in the bag and then hand the bags off to another man.

An employee watching the store’s security cameras attempted to confront the man with the $290 worth of merchandise before he left the store. But the thief continued to walk out of the store despite the employee following him. Once out of the store, the thief threatened the employee with a knife and said “I will stab you” before chasing him around the store’s outside corner, police said. 

The other members of the group left the location on foot. No injuries reported and no arrests have been made. The police continue to investigate. 

20th Precinct

Charity Revoked

Ohav Sholom, a synagogue located at 270 West 84 street was burglarized on Tuesday, Dec. 24. Police say, an unknown male with dark hair and a bald spot entered the location through an unlocked door at approximately 8:23 p.m. He proceeded to take $50 from a charity box before fleeing. Police continue to investigate. 


Flower Power

Residents of 43 West 85 street returned home from vacation on Sunday, Dec. 22 to find their home ransacked. Police say, the perp used a flowerpot to break a sliding glass door and enter the location. Personal items valued at $6850 were missing from the residence including a blue Fender guitar, jewelry and a Macbook Pro. Police continue to investigate. 


Eat, Swipe, Shop

On Saturday, Dec. 28, a woman paying for her meal at Gazala’s Restaurant at approximately 1:30 p.m., noticed her wallet missing from her bag. The 46-year-old Manhattan resident had hung her bag on her seat behind her, while she dined. Police say, that during the meal the perp swiped her wallet and then proceeded to make charges on her credit card at a nearby Apple Store and Banana Republic. The case remains open as police investigate. 


Bus Stop Push

Wednesday, Dec. 25, a 37-year-old Manhattan resident was walking towards a bus stop near Amsterdam Ave. and West 60th St., when she was approached by an unfamiliar man that demanded money. After asking for cash, the thief forced his hand into the woman’s pocket, grabbing for cash. He then pushed the woman to the ground and tried to steal her backpack, according to police. The perp then fled the location on foot, heading towards West End Ave. The woman did not sustain any injuries and an investigation into the attempted mugging is still ongoing. 


Early Morning WiFi. 

At 3:30 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 27, a 50-year-old Hong Kong resident visiting Manhattan, was approached by three men at the corner of West 72 St. and Columbus Ave. One of the trio asked the tourist for a dollar and when he responded that he did not have his wallet, was told to empty his pockets.  After complying with the mugger’s demands, the trio took off with the Hong Konger’s portable WiFi device and fled the scene by foot. A police investigation into the robbery is ongoing. 

-Chriss Williams


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