West Village Chorale carolers take to the streets and Washington Square Park

They love to sing. This annual caroling walk brings joy to members of the West Village Chorale. (Photos by Tequila Minsky)

BY TEQUILA MINSKY | Members of the West Village Chorale enjoyed the mild December weather as they left Judson Memorial Church and meandered through the neighborhood singing Christmas favorites. The Chorale is a 70-voice avocational ensemble from varied backgrounds who love to make beautiful music and perform several concerts a year.

With many wearing Christmas attire and configured in groups of 15-20, they filled the Village streets with song in this annual caroling walk tradition.

No streets went unsung.

The first group attempted collaboration with the 5-piece horn buskers at the south end of the fountain before they moved on to the arch and came upon Colin’s baby grand parked under the tree, providing a performing stage for other carolers.

Five-piece horn buskers in the park providing other forms of entertainment. They collaborated on one song with the Chorale.

Colin’s baby grand, parked almost under the tree, provided a stage for other carolers.

Chorale carolers moved westerly and by late Sunday afternoon, the Village was alive with Christmas carols.

Music for all ages.

The West Village Chorale is looking forward to its next major concert on Sunday, March 15: Rachmaninoff’s “All-Night Vigil,” taking advantage of the great acoustics in Judson Memorial Church to bring this piece to life.

All ages are encouraged to join the caroling walk.

Christmas attire and hearts filled with song.

Navigating the sidewalks to be able to sing.

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