Stone Soup and Song at Judson Memorial Church

On a wintery pre-Christmas day, what can be better than hearty stone soup. (Photos by Tequila Minsky)

BY TEQUILA MINSKY | Everyone knows the folk story in which hungry strangers convince townspeople that a delicious soup can be made from a stone (and the mere adding of a small amount of their food). And so it was.

Riffing on this, Judson Memorial Church offered “stone soup” following its Sunday-before-Christmas service: chicken, beef or vegetarian choices. A hearty meal for mid-December.

The soups included chicken, beef and vegetarian choices.

The event was at Judson Memorial Church, at Washington Square South.

Gingerbread men and other Christmasy cookies and tasty treats after the stone soup.

Meanwhile, songsters surrounded the piano and enjoyed singing a medley of Christmas songs.

After lunch, Judsonites indulged in a Christmas carol songfest.

More Judson carolers.

Greenwich Village doyenne, Judson regular Doris Diether with her whimsical snowman pendant is, as usual, dressed for the occasion.

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