Manhattan Snaps: Sweeping up the Village in 1971

Some of the sweepers in the event, L-R: Assemblyman William Passannante; Anne Ricciardi, VP Bankers Federal; John Cappellini, manager Lamston Inc.; Doris Diether; Tom Collins; Anthony Dapolito; Rose Pascale; Edith Lyons; Boy Scouts of Troop 316; Rachelle Wall, chair Board 2; Vincent Cifuni, Prudential Bank; and Verna Small.

The front page of The Villager on May 20, 1971, included a story about Villagers sweeping up in the neighborhood with large brooms as part of a program to clean up Greenwich Village. It was Community Planning Board 2’s Environment and Sanitation Committee’s kick-off event in the effort, and included over 50 Villagers, Boy Scouts from Troop 316, local merchants, city officials, and a City Sanitation Department truck loaded with brooms for the Saturday cleanup. Sweepers wore large “Don’t Litter” buttons, and one Villager demonstrated a “Pooper-Scooper,” the article noted, which the Board’s Sanitation Committee was trying to get at reduced rates for interested Village residents.

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