Manhattan Snaps: Sweeping up the Village in 1971

Some of the sweepers in the event, L-R: Assemblyman William Passannante; Anne Ricciardi, VP Bankers Federal; John Cappellini, manager Lamston Inc.; Doris Diether; Tom Collins; Anthony Dapolito; Rose Pascale; Edith Lyons; Boy Scouts of Troop 316; Rachelle Wall, chair Board 2; Vincent Cifuni, Prudential Bank; and Verna Small.

The front page of The Villager on May 20, 1971, included a story about Villagers sweeping up in the neighborhood with large brooms as part of a program to clean up Greenwich Village. It was Community Planning Board 2’s Environment and Sanitation Committee’s kick-off event in the effort, and included over 50 Villagers, Boy Scouts from Troop 316, local merchants, city officials, and a City Sanitation Department truck loaded with brooms for the Saturday cleanup. Sweepers wore large “Don’t Litter” buttons, and one Villager demonstrated a “Pooper-Scooper,” the article noted, which the Board’s Sanitation Committee was trying to get at reduced rates for interested Village residents.

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  1. Our block association in Chelsea held the same events in the ’70’s with the help of the DOS. The brooms were so huge the kids couldn’t handle them, but they tried! We filled big black bags and left them on the street corners for the trucks. It was a spring event and included cleaning the tree pits…carefully, since they were full of needles. Pamela Wolff, Chelsea West 200 Block Association

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