Manhattan Snaps: West Side Elevated Highway, ’82

The June 10, 1982, issue of The Villager included this photo, showing remnants of the old West Side Elevated Highway. The viaduct had closed in 1973, the same year as the opening of the new World Trade Center, seen in the background, at left. The old highway was fully dismantled by 1989. It was replaced about 10 years later at street level by Route 9A. The steel arch seen in the photo was at West and Canal Sts. (Photo by Rena Cohen)

2 Responses to Manhattan Snaps: West Side Elevated Highway, ’82

  1. Can’t wait for the day the FDR Drive will be demolished and replaced by a street level street. Never mind, not with this city administration.

  2. Isnt this the old Canal Street Bridge?

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