Fake bags sold on Canal Street in Soho seized by cops in weekend operation

Police released this photo of Canal Street bags seized on Saturday. (Twitter/1st Precinct)

BY GABE HERMAN | Canal Street is famously the place to go for knockoff fashion accessories, but there are fewer fakes there now after a recent police seizure of a Soho vendor’s goods, police said.

“ANOTHER ‘Weekend Operation’ was conducted along the Canal St corridor,” the 1st Precinct tweeted out on Sunday, Sept. 22, “to address community concerns.”

The tweet added that “numerous” bags were seized, and “We will continue to combat this quality of life offense!”

The precinct also published a photo showing several dozen bogus bags, mostly handbags and purses, spread out across a large table in the precinct station after being seized.

The operation was carried out on Saturday, Sept. 21, around 2 p.m., according to Sergeant Jessica McRorie, a spokesperson for the NYPD’s Deputy Commissioner for Public Information (DCPI).

“At Canal Street and Broadway, police took possession of more than 50 items after the vendor fled the location,” McRorie said.

She added that the 1st Precinct conducts the operations periodically, but did not say specifically how often.

2 Responses to Fake bags sold on Canal Street in Soho seized by cops in weekend operation

  1. Then you wonder why NYPD does not have the manpower to kindly ask people not to use drugs on Washington Place

  2. This is ridiculous! In addition to the drug crime that the police ignore in the process (not on Canal Street, but elsewhere), who is this hurting? Most people who buy these bags would never pay full price for the “real” bags anyway, so they are not hurting the sales of those bags. Secondly, the companies who make the bags are not hiring American workers or making the bags in American factories anyway.

    The sale of these bags brings many tourists to Chinatown who spend money in restaurants and in the shops in the area. This was especially important after 9/11.

    The only problem I can see is if the sellers of these bags avoid paying taxes. Who knows, they might even do so.

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