Stunning trove of Ground Zero photos discovered

The above photo and all below are a sample of the discovered images taken in the weeks after 9/11. All are from Oct. 5, 2001, except for the last one, which is from Oct. 4. (Courtesy Jason Scott)

BY GABE HERMAN | Thousands of photos of Ground Zero, taken in the weeks after the 9/11 attack, were recently discovered by chance at a house clearance sale.

Archivists bought a group of CD’s at the sale and stumbled upon a collection of 2,400 photos of Ground Zero, according to a BBC report. The CD’s were reportedly in bad condition, but the photos were able to be salvaged.

The photos are believed to have been taken by a construction worker at the site, who has not yet been identified. They show stunning images of the aftermath of the attack, including at the World Trade Center site and neighboring areas, such as the Winter Garden Atrium across the West Side Highway.

(Courtesy Jason Scott)

(Courtesy Jason Scott)

Some photos are taken at ground level and others are from high up on nearby buildings. Many include construction workers clearing rubble in the area.

The photos have been posted online at:

Archivist Dr. Johnathan Burgess, whose partner discovered the photos, told the BBC, “Generally these items are neglected at sales. It’s very likely these would be in a dumpster by now had we not gone.”

(Courtesy Jason Scott)

(Courtesy Jason Scott)

Burgess archived the photos, with help from a CD recovery service, and they were released through another archivist, Jason Scott. Burgess added of the discovery, “It’s a miracle the discs transferred so well, CD-ROM’s of that age are pretty spotty.”

In terms of sharing the photos for all to see, Burgess told the BBC that it’s “about doing what’s right for humanity.” He added that those touched by the images might think of donating to a charity of their choosing.

(Courtesy Jason Scott)

(Courtesy Jason Scott)

Almost 3,000 people died from the 9/11 attacks, and many thousands more have since been affected by 9/11-related illnesses, from toxic dust that lingered in the area for months afterward. The federal government recently extended the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund permanently, after pressure from first responders and other advocates.

(Courtesy Jason Scott)

(Courtesy Jason Scott)

(Courtesy Jason Scott)

13 Responses to Stunning trove of Ground Zero photos discovered

  1. Will we ever know what really happened? These towers were imploded from within.

    A black day in American history!

  2. You are correct. The “excuse” to start the war on terror, which cost trillions of dollars.

  3. Will they be given to the 9/11 Museum?

  4. Well, we know that “somebody did something” as our elected officials now put it, and are vehemently defended across popular culture when they do.

  5. Yes, they imploded from within because large amounts of fuel from airplanes, that had just gassed up, crashed into them. The fuel filled the inside of the buildings, down elevator shafts, which ignited and took down the structures.

    We didn’t need an excuse to start a war on terror. That happened years before 9/11, when the US built a military base very near Mecca after the Kuwaiti war. Bin Laden hated that, so we forced the Saudi’s to kick him out of their country. Game on.

    There’s not a lot of mystery about this, so please, come back to reality and stop trying to make our tragedy into something that did not happen.

    • You do not know what the hell you are talking about sir so get your facts straight! This was done by some very scandalous people in our Gov. that don’t believe in our God they are Luciferians. Those buildings were imploded and demolished in to Dust. Sir you are very Shallow to not even do your homework on this or you are just a shitty ole TROLL. Bye

  6. Stephen Rudzinski

    dear guest, these jets today carry a lot less fuel than we are led to believe, how the industry sticks it to the public, your idea of millions of gallons it would take to set off an explosion that actually turns everything to dust except the top most floors was all the debris found, 90% was a fine dust, building 7 came down and left only dust and no plane hit it that day. I spent hundreds of hours reading and studying this most complex attack of all history. Thinking a lone man living in a cave could pull this off is truly ludicrous. The glow or haze in this photo is from a molten metal furnace that could not be put out for over 100 days and radiated so many firemen and workers on the scene. Ground Zero it is called for a reason.

  7. You are correct, Stephen.
    The “excuse” to start the war on terror, which cost trillions of dollars. Any one who knows his newtonian physics understands that the official story doesn’t make sense, with wtc 7 being a “clearer” picture of what really happened.

    guest is a smart ass who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  8. I ‘know’ Newtonian physics and I’m perfectly satisfied with the ‘official’ explanation. I spent years afterwards going over the footage and arguing with friends and colleagues that remain–to this day–convinced of various ct on the event. After hearing them out, going through the evidence of interviews and the report, and again–the footage, there are too many unanswered questions when one begins to entertain the various ct, for any of those alternative scenarios to make sense. It’s quite simple: BushCo (like TrumpCo) dismissed the previous administration’s admonitions of what they should be concerned about, decided they knew better, and took their eye off the ball. Condi Rice, insisting on diminishing terror concerns in order to focus on Russia, refused to let POTUS be briefed by Richard Clarke all summer of 2001 resulting in a loss of initiative to ‘see’ the moving parts of the operation. We know and remember the BushCo incompetence AFTER 9-11, Afghanistan, and Iraq, this was simply their first and arguably most egregious example of hubristic arrogance. No ct necessary to explain it. And after the planes hit, Newtonian physics took care of the rest, accelerating pancaking floors were all that was necessary for the pulverization of building materials found in the aftermath (btw, with NO explosive residues ever found).

    • “accelerating pancaking floors” — Yes!, because the structural supports were on the outsides of the buildings. Well stated, but I doubt it will change any twisted minds.

  9. I’ve lived and worked in this area for over 30 years, so I know it very well, esp’ how little space there was between buildings. The real mystery is how did 2 builds fall and not land on #7, etc., right next to them. It is amazing that so much around WTC 1&2 survived, which is the exact opposite of your mistaken theory.

    These buildings were constructed with an outer-shell structure, different from most buildings, and that is the big reason why they fell. It’s not the impact of planes that caused the dust-debris. The top of the building, above the impact zone, crushed everything beneath it into less than rubble.

    The planes were on route to the west coast, so I’m unsure of how little fuel you think they would need, so to suggest they would fly across the country on E makes no sense.

    It took dozens of Bin Laden associates to take down the WTC, they training and planned together very well, so saying that one person in a cave did it shows just how little you know about what happened.

    Please, do your research and come back to reality.

  10. “wtc 7 being a “clearer” picture” — clearly, you never spent time there to see just how close these buildings were to each-other, including the atrium that connected all 7 buildings. Only conspiracy loons are surprised that 7 didn’t burn to the ground.

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