Schmackary’s makes top-notch cookies

The Funfetti cookie, left, has a sugar cookie base with rainbow sprinkles and vanilla cream cheese frosting. The Monster, right, includes gluten-free oats, peanut butter, M & M’s and raisins. (Photo by Gabe Herman)

BY GABE HERMAN | If you’re going to indulge in dessert, you’ve got to make it count with something tasty. And Schmackary’s is a local bakery making cookies that are worth the indulgence.

The shop makes big cookies in more than 45 flavors. There is the traditional chocolate chip cookie, called The Classic. But the variety expands out in all types of directions, like red velvet, caramel apple crisp, key lime, peanut butter cup, sch’mores, fluffer nutter and cookie dough, just to name a few. There are even some savory cookie options, like maple bacon and schmackaroni & cheese. The flavors also include some vegan and gluten-free options.

The original store is in Hell’s Kitchen, at 362 W. 45th St., at Ninth Ave. There is now another location, which just opened this summer in the East Village at 35 Cooper Square.

Schmackary’s Cooper Square location, above, opened this summer. (Photo by Gabe Herman)

The company, which boasts “Lip-schmackin’ good cookies,” started in 2011 as an online business run out of the founder’s 400-square-foot apartment in the city. Zachary “Schmackary” Schmahl, who moved here from Nebraska in 2008, had the business idea based on creating lots of cookie flavors beyond just the usual few options. The Midtown brick-and-mortar shop opened in 2012.

Schmackary’s has a rotating menu of cookies and new flavors coming out all the time, with a few exceptions. At the Cooper Square shop, the cookies and cream, classic chocolate chip, and funfetti (sugar cookie base with rainbow sprinkles and vanilla cream cheese frosting), are permanent fixtures because they’re the most popular.

The Schmackary’s menu also includes “Shakes By Schmack.” (Photo by Gabe Herman)

There are some non-cookie treats, too, such as schmackaroons, brownies, Krispie treats and bars. But the cookies are the stars, and reasonably priced considering their big sizes. One cookie sells for $3.25, two for $6, and six for $15.

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  1. The big question is: do they have a vegan option? I doubt it, but I thought I’d ask.

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