Push for ‘Obama Ave.’ outside ‘Troll Tower’… er, Trump Tower

BY ALEJANDRA O’CONNELL-DOMENECH | Dozens of protesters “trolled” President Trump on Wed., Aug. 21, by gathering outside Trump Tower and calling for the one block of Fifth Ave. between 56th and 57th Sts. to be renamed President Barack H. Obama Ave.

The protest comes after an online petition on moveon.org calling for the avenue’s renaming received more than 430,000 signatures.

“It started as a joke,” Elizabeth Rowin, the petition creator, said at the event. “It’s a way to poke the giant in the eye.”

In response to the mass support the petition received, Rowin sent the document to every single New York City Council member. A few got back to her and said that if enough people signed the petition, the renaming could become a reality. According to Rowin, several signers are planning on attending a Sept. 12 City Council meeting to push for the renaming.

Critics of Donald Trump “trolled” the president by calling on the city to rename Fifth Ave. President Barack H. Obama Ave. (Photo by Alejandra O’Connell-Domenech)

In order to get a street named in New York City, an individual needs to obtain signatures — either online or in person — from at least 75 percent of the residents and/or business people on the block. After getting the signatures, the applicant  needs to bring the petition to a traffic and transportation committee meeting of the area’s corresponding community board. The next step, is to get that full community board’s approval. If approved, the petition needs to be sent to the City Council. The City Council will then evaluate the street-renaming application. Prospective honorees should have at least 10 years of community involvement and must have been dead at least two years before the petition submission. The City Council votes on street name changes only twice a year.

Even if the street cannot be renamed, for protesters the occasion provided a good excuse to voice their disapproval of the president’s comportment and policies.

“He is crumbling our democracy every day,” said Liza Trinkle, a 39-year-old speech language pathologist from Brooklyn. “It shouldn’t be normalized like it’s unfortunately becoming. So we need to confront him in humorous ways, more protesty ways, just every way that we can every day.”

The demonstrators cited the president’s stance on immigration, in particular, the migrant detention centers at the border. They also blasted his personalized attacks on critics, his previous call for the death penalty for the Central Park 5 and the alienation of America’s allies, among other issues.

All of these make him worthy of the moniker “Troll King,” they said.

Critics of Donald Trump “trolled” the president by calling on the city to rename a block of Fifth Ave. President Barack H. Obama Ave. (Photo by Alejandra O’Connell-Domenech)

Rowin believes that Obama deserves recognition for helping the country recover from the Great Recession of 2007/08 and for the killing of Osama bin Laden, the man responsible for orchestrating 9/11. She is hopeful that the city will be able to make a special exemption since Los Angeles has already renaming a stretch of street in the 44th president’s honor.

Passersby watch as critics of Donald Trump “trolled” the president by calling on the city to rename Fifth Ave. outside Trump Tower President Barack H. Obama Ave. (Photo by Alejandra O’Connell-Domenech)

10 Responses to Push for ‘Obama Ave.’ outside ‘Troll Tower’… er, Trump Tower

  1. August Mackenzie

    I passed Trump Tower on Wednesday, only person there was a nut job

    selling anti Trump buttons. I gave him the finger. I did not see

    anyone as in the photo.

    Laughable. Trump will win again as the left has lost it’s mind.

    No one realizes that the folks in America cannot stomach any of the

    DNC lackeys. Too bad. Four more years of Donald.

    • I think you’d better take a second look.

    • lol, right? Must be nice for these ‘protesters’ to have all that free time on a Wednesday afternoon to stand around protesting and virtue-signaling. Trump will win again and I’ll be laughing nonstop for days when he does.

    • Did you think they were standing there holding signs permanently? Stop the hate because every time Trump and people like him continue to attack President Obama, he will rise higher and there is nothing you or he can do about it! GOD has something for haters; His Wrath! Keep up your hate, GOD will eventually strike all of you and your racist, evil leader! GOD has made that Promise, AND SO IT IS DONE!

      Deuteronomy 30:7

      Deuteronomy 32:35

      Proverbs 20:22

      Proverbs 24:29

      Psalm 37

      Nahum 1:2-9

      1 Peter 3:9

      Romans 12:17-21

  2. I would laugh my derriere off if this happened! I’d love to see trump’s reaction.

  3. no will not push for that name. He does not deserve it. He kept us at war 8 years with all the horror that implies.

  4. We will make this a reality. Remove this name from all buildings nationwide.

    T – Tyrant

    R – Racist

    U – Unamerican

    M – Maniac

    P – Putin Puppet

    Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, Green Party, Democrats all will walk hand-in-hand to eliminate this beast and his infestation. Adios, el Diablo.


  6. Jeezus can there really be so many right-wingnuts reading THE VILLAGER. Hate to disappoint responders 1, 2, and 3, but, I was there, holding a sign, so hate to crush that claim, people like me who work full-time took our lunch hours to register our displeasure with our current President, but nice try, and I want to say the Bible says something about your god helping those who help themselves so stow the religion, especially in aid of such a self-serving hating bastard. There. I think that about settles it. (Oh, and #5, I agree we shouldn’t have stayed at war under Obama, but he is still the best President since Carter- yes, the guy who in his 90’s is still building homes for the poor and bringing hope, he didn’t start the wars, and you’re missing the whole point of renaming the street in front of Trump tower anyhow).

  7. Are all of you Trump haters that blinded by the BS that the Dems spew that you can’t see the forest for the trees 😣
    Our economy has not been this good in 50+ years, he is trying to enforce the laws governing our borders, and he’s not letting other countries walk all over us.
    Obama on the other hand RUINED OUR HEALTHCARE (you will keep your current plan He said, your insurance cost will go down He said, 😡 both were Bold Face Lies
    Trump is enforcing the same border laws as Obama but suddenly it’s racist and wrong (but it wasn’t when Obama did it)
    Funny where was the outrage when Obama was shipping pallets full of cash (taxpayers cash) over seas.

    You people just can’t get over the fact that Hillary Clinton lost.
    GROW UP!!

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