Manhattan Snaps: MacDougal St. and Minetta Lane in ’25

MacDougal St., looking down Minetta Lane toward Sixth Ave., in 1925. (Courtesy NY Public Library)

As seen from these two photos, the top one taken in 1925, and the bottom one taken now, the view down Minetta Lane from MacDougal St. toward Sixth Ave. has changed quite a bit in the nearly 100 intervening years. The buildings on MacDougal are still there today. There have been some changes over the years, of course, including the Café Wha? and the addition of many trees along Minetta Lane.

Present-day MacDougal St. and Minetta Lane. (Photo by Gabe Herman)

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  1. Born & Bred Villager

    I always find old photos of the Village fascinating. Noteworthy in the earlier photo is something you would never, ever see today but which was common up until the 1970s: a gaggle of kids playing in the street. As our orange moron-in-chief might tweet, “Sad!”

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