The Republic of 14th St.; Bank opens first NYC branch

Gristedes supermarket mogul John Catsimatidis, center, and fellow VIP’s at the pre-grand opening reception for the new Republic Bank branch at 14th St. and Fifth Ave. (Photo by Jillian Nelson)

Republic Bank and its founder, Vernon Hill — and his valued associate Duffy — held a VIP reception at 90 Fifth Ave. on July 10, two days before the grand opening of the bank’s new branch at 14th St. and Fifth Ave. This is Republic’s 28th location in the U.S., and its first in New York City. Hill, the current chairman of Republic Bank, was the founder of Commerce Bank, which was sold to TD Bank. The new Republic 14th St. location reoccupies the former space of a Commerce Bank branch that opened in 2003.

The man of the hour, Republic Bank founder Vernon Hill, and the star of the evening, Republic’s mascot, Duffy. (Photo by Jillian Nelson)

Republic’s Vernon Hill and Duffy were totally loving this one: a $1 million deposit from former mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis. Not pictured behind jumbo-sized check: Duffy wagging his tail like crazy. (Photo by Jillian Nelson)

You can take that one to the bank! Republic employees swear on the Bible of Vernon Hill, who writes that patrons should be more than mere customers: If a business is doing it right, Hill holds, they should be fans. (Photo by Jillian Nelson)

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