Loisaida Fest a ray of sunshine on Ave. C

A cut above. (Photo by Stacie Joy)

A forecast of cloudiness didn’t put a damper on the 31st Annual Loisaida Festival this past Sunday. Avenue C was bursting with song, dance, theater, food and drinks, information, merch and limitless Boricua pride. The theme of this year’s fest was “Bridging Resurgence: From Sandy to María,” focusing on the hurricane-ravaged island’s recovery and resilience.

Female Democratic district leader candidate Aura Olavarria, center, and her running mate, District Leader-elect John Blasco were out on the avenue enjoying the festival. Olavarria has an opponent in the June 25 primary election but Blasco does not. (Photo by Stacie Joy)

Give her a hand for that sand. (Photo by Stacie Joy)

A paws for a pic. (Photo by Stacie Joy)

Loisaida defender forever. (Photo by Stacie Joy)

Breezy island fashion. (Photo by Stacie Joy)

Styling, but hardly uniform. (Photo by Stacie Joy)

Friends came out in force. (Photo by Stacie Joy)

Over all, it was a lot of fun. (Photo by Stacie Joy)

The Chimera Princesses added some magic to the day. (Photo by Stacie Joy)

Keeping it real. (Photo by Stacie Joy)

Family spirit. (Photo by Stacie Joy)

Drinking in the flavor. (Photo by Stacie Joy)

Shaking things up. (Photo by Stacie Joy)

It was a real treat. (Photo by Stacie Joy)

Fantastical creatures for a fantastic day. (Photo by Stacie Joy)

Front row on the festival. (Photo by Stacie Joy)

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