Dance Parade steps up the excitement

The Dance Parade had just the right balance, including a finale at Tompkins Square Park. (Photo by Bob Krasner)

Saturday’s 13th Annual Dance Parade & Festival saw 10,000 dancers, featuring 100 styles of dance, accompanied by DJ’s and live bands, waltz, samba and disco down Broadway from W. 21st. St., along University Place, and across Eighth St. and St. Mark’s Place to finish with a flourish at Tompkins Square Park.

A young troupe from Takala Land Dance Studio — a kids’ dance studio in Flushing — took the stage for their performance in Tompkins Square. (Photo by Bob Krasner)

Young girls on stilts waited to go on stage, but unfortunately the show ran late and they were bumped due to the 7 p.m. curfew. But at least they had a great view of the dance festival. (Photo by Bob Krasner)

An aerialist took the show to another level in Tompkins Square Park. (Photo by Bob Krasner)

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