Sweets by CHLOE, a go-to for vegan treats

BY GABE HERMAN | With so many bakeries in the Village, whether trendy, old-fashioned or otherwise, Sweets by CHLOE stands out as a vegan shop with tasty options.

Sweets by CHLOE opened at 185 Bleecker St. in September 2016. It’s an offshoot of by CHLOE, the vegan casual restaurant right next door at Bleecker and MacDougal Sts. that opened in July 2015 and immediately saw long lines as a new hot spot in the area.

A slice of matcha chocolate babka from Sweets by CHLOE (Photo by iiamjelly/Instagram)

By CHLOE has expanded to several locations throughout the city and around the country. There are also two locations in London.

But so far, Sweets by CHLOE only has this one spot on Bleecker St. It seems to do good business, with a constant flow of customers, but doesn’t get the long lines like by CHLOE next door, which also sells a few sweets, like cookies and cupcakes. So, Sweets by CHLOE is a nice option for those looking to try the brand but skip the hassle of the crowds.

And the treats are tasty, too. One may be naturally skeptical of how delicious vegan sweets can be, and there might be a slightly lower level of flavor in the offerings. But over all, there is still a richness to the flavors and textures, and I don’t know if I could tell the difference in a blind taste test.

Sweets by CHLOE’s spin on vegan pecan pie. (Photo by eatupfornyc/Instagram)

The shop offers standards like cookies and cupcakes, in the $2 to $4 range. Along with vanilla and chocolate cupcake options, there is also a raspberry tiramisu.

And cookies include the old-fashioned chocolate chip, along with a cinnamon espresso cookie that is big, crispy and flat.

There is also pecan pie and matcha chocolate babka. Also, full cakes that go for around $40, such as carrot cake, mocha almond fudge cake, and chocolate or vanilla birthday cakes.

Sweets by CHLOE sports a sidewalk cafe on Bleecker St. (Photo by moamy/Instagram)

Yelp reviews for Sweets by CHLOE average three and a half stars out of five. Most find the desserts to be tasty, and like the friendly atmosphere, but some say the taste is compromised by using vegan-only ingredients. Other Yelp reviewers felt it was a bit too pricey but not terrible.

Sweets by CHLOE is open 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on weekdays and 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. on weekends. More information can be found at eatbychloe.com.

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