Hoylman, Glick push Trader Joe’s to deliver

BY ALEJANDRA O’CONNELL-DOMENECH | More local politicians are pitching in on the effort to bring back Trader Joe’s delivery service.

State Senator Brad Hoylman wrote Dan Bane, the supermarket chain’s chairperson and C.E.O., on April 17, urging that the company to reconsider its decision to stop delivery in Manhattan.

“There are too few affordable grocery stores in Greenwich Village, which I represent, and other parts of New York,” Hoylman wrote. “Trader Joe’s delivery service was a vital part of mitigating that problem for countless families.”

The Chelsea Trader Joe’s, at Sixth Ave. and 21st St., like the store’s other Manhattan outlets, stopped its delivery service on March 1. (Photo by Lincoln Anderson)

In February, the California-based chain announced its Manhattan stores would stop delivering. It was the only borough where the store offered such service.

Deliveries officially stopped on March 1, and many shoppers, including notably seniors and those with disabilities, have felt slighted by the chain’s decision.

“It’s a struggle for anyone in New York,” Hoylman said. “But for our differently abled neighbors it’s a steep challenge.”

His letter comes roughly one month after City Council Speaker Corey Johnson sent a similar letter to Bane. A representative from Assemblymember Deborah Glick’s office confirmed that she, too, wrote a letter on April 23 asking Bane to bring back the delivery service in Manhattan.

A meeting with Bobby Kendall, Trader Joe’s regional vice president, and a representative from Hoylman’s office is in the works, according to Hoylman. But nothing has been officially scheduled yet.

Kendall said he did not have any information to add to this article in an e-mail to this paper.

In the meantime, people can lobby Trader Joe’s directly to restore deliveries by calling its California headquarters at 626-599-3700 and/or leaving a message on its Web site at traderjoes.com, or better yet, by writing to its top honcho at: Dan Bane, chairmperson and C.E.O., Trader Joe’s Company, 800 South Shamrock Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016.

3 Responses to Hoylman, Glick push Trader Joe’s to deliver

  1. With worsening NYC traffic it's a wonder anybody is willing to deliver anything to anybody! Home delivery is a loss leader.
    I really wouldn't push it too hard with our new fantastic good neighbor TJ.

  2. I am a Total Trader Joe’s fan the only reasonably priced supermarket

    They had to outsource the delivery service , I know things did not go smoothly, lots of mistakes and misplaced bags of groceries

    Maybe those lobbying should help source reliable delivery businesses or local people in need of work

    I wish them good luck with this

    As they are a pleasure to do business with

  3. Why don't the politicians make it a law that Trader Joes has deliver if they want to do business in the state ? And the delivery people have to bike the groceries to you and use paper bags and they have to charge half the cost of Associated ? And then we'll ban meat like they're trying to ban fur and it will be mandated that everyone must eat only what the politicians allow us to eat. It's coming.

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