The Angry Buddhist: Impeach Nadler!

Congressmember Jerrold Nadler.



The Impeachment of Jerrold Nadler

Congressman from New York’s 10th District


Report of the citizens of the 10th District, including

Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea,

Soho, Greenwhich Village, Tribeca, the Financial

District and Battery Park City.



Articles of Impeachment

A.  Undemocratically elected to Congress in “collusion” with The New York Democratic machine in 1992 after incumbent Ted Weiss dies days before the primary election.

B.  Personal war in the 1990s with Developer Donald J. Trump, leading to the continued existing elevated West Side Highway, preventing additional, unimpeded Hudson River parkland at Trump’s Riverside South Development, formerly Penn Rail Yards. Nadler put his petty puerile vendetta above the interest of the park and the people.

C.  Lying continuously to the Soho, Little Italy, Chinatown and Tribeca communities for 26 years regarding the one-way toll on the Verrazano Bridge, the greatest air-pollution crisis in New York City, while costing the M.T.A. hundreds of millions of lost revenue.

D.  Failure to rescind the toll when the Democratic Party had total control of Congress and Executive branch, 2009-11.

E.  Failure of the now-powerful congressman to include legislation to rescind the toll in the latest 2019 “Wall” Spending Bill, with the Democratic Party in control of the House of Representatives.

F.  Waste of public money in his obsession to build an unfeasible and already obsolete $20 billion freight-rail tunnel under the Hudson River from Port Elizabeth, NJ, to the Brooklyn waterfront. Roughly $28.7 million has been allocated in studies to date.

G.  Failure as Democratic Judiciary chairperson to investigate Big Tech censorship.

H.  Making false statements, Dec. 11, 2018, before the House Judiciary Committee, claiming that Google “does not censor content.”

I.  Making innumerable false and dangerous statements that Russian trolls “influenced” the 2016 election.

J.  Failure to retract false and dangerous statements regarding “Russian influence” after Google C.E.O. Sundar Pichai testified on Dec. 11, 2018, in response to Nadler’s questioning, that “ad accounts linked to Russia” spent in total “about $4,700 in advertising” to politically influence Americans.

K.  Making disrespectful, false and dangerous statement, Feb. 19, 2018, on MSNBC claiming Russian trolling was an “act of war and was equivalent to Pearl Harbor.”

L.  Failure to oppose U.S. interventionist wars in the Middle East that have killed millions and cost trillions but to oppose Trump’s peace initiatives in Syria, Afghanistan and North Korea.

M.  After Michael Cohen fails to deliver the “collusion bombshell” on Feb. 27, 2019, before Congress, Nadler calls for yet another investigation into Trump for calling media “fake news” and the “enemy of the people.”

N.  Failure to investigate the 10 worst, most embarrassing media failures on the Trump Russia story. This includes (1) the Guardian story, Nov. 27, 2018, claiming Paul Manafort visited Julian Assange three times; (2) CNN, on July 27, 2018, explicitly lying about Hillary Clinton and Michael Cohen’s attorney, Lanny Davis, being its source for a story whose substance was also false: Cohen would testify that Trump knew in advance about the Trump Tower meeting; (3) Buzzfeed’s Jan. 27, 2019, report that Robert Mueller possesses internal e-mails and witnesses’ interviews proving Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress; (4) the CNN and MSNBC story, on Dec. 9, 2017, that Donald Trump Jr. was offered advance access to the Wikileaks e-mail archive.

O.  Failure to open an investigation into the rigging of the 2016 Democratic primary by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, including the disenfranchisement of 240,000 New York city voters in the primary.



It’s time for Nadler to go — above all because he has failed miserably to serve his constituents.

His personal obsession with Trump, who bested him repeatedly in real estate turf wars and taunted him, makes him unfit to represent us. Nadler’s entire raison d’être is revenge: By becoming Judiciary chairperson, he now can initiate impeachment proceedings, as was done to Bill Clinton, for fooling around with Monica Lewinsky.

We the people ultimately will suffer Trump’s vindictiveness directed at Nadler. We need a representative who can win funding for security, for our crumbling infrastructure and mass transit needs — but not Nadler with his useless, Freudian-obsessive, overpriced, choo-choo freight tunnel under New York Harbor.

But most of all, Nadler must go for his pathetic inability for 26 years to rescind the one-way toll on the Verrazano Bridge. Even when toll collection was recently abandoned in favor of electronic tolling, he was unable to strike a deal with Republican Staten Island — or maybe he didn’t even bother. The toll has been the true assault on his Downtown Manhattan constituents for decades — never rectified by this ineffective hack — not the goddamned Ruskies.


All of the above articles of impeachment can be verified via Google (for now).

41 Responses to The Angry Buddhist: Impeach Nadler!

  1. The Verrazano Bridge toll is grounds for impeachment? And "forget Trump"? Even while excoriating Nadler for… failure to sufficiently investigate Trump's scandals? What a muddle. Sorry, Villager. This is embarassing.

    • Not as embarrassing as your failure to grasp the piece, that is nothing to do with Trump, but you Marxists have zero sense of humor and satirists were executed en masse by Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin and just jailed under Comrade Fidel.
      I hear Michael Cohen is working for cheap and he can help you hide your SAT scores and failing grades from Staten Island Community College.

      • Had The Villager billed this article as Satire, this would be a different discussion, but it did not, and clearly, the writer did not pull it off, or people would have grasped it. Fail.

  2. You and the rest of this country need to worry about Trump. Trump is the clear and present danger to the constitution and our democracy. Trump is using the oval office for financial gain and that' o.k.? really!

  3. As a matter of fact, what Trump is doing as President is exactly why we had the Revolutionary War. Trump calls the media the enemy of the people. If it wasn't for the press we wouldn't be a country today, King George wouldn't allow freedom of speech, you couldn't say anything bad about him. That's why freedom of speech is our first amendment, not our 2nd. trump is trying to stop CNN or any other media outlet from telling the truth. Trump is a modern day King George

    • The piece is not about Trump, you must have gone to a city high school.
      The Angry Buddhist

    • Where do you get your history from, the cartoon channel.? My advice is not to read the word TRUMP irregardless of the context, it excites your lizard brain and you will probably fall off a subway platform while texting.
      To clarify, this piece is not about Trump butt head.

      • I can understand that you do not want to let any feedback sink in, cuz this op-ed missed the mark, but to call people names says more about you than it ever would about the commenter. you sound like my kids, or rather, not even that grown up. sad.

    • The media is the enemy of the people, you obviously have lived under a rock if you haven’t caught on by now of how much the media has lied and twisted the truth. CNN is a farce and has been caught many times trying to dupe the American people! Wake up from your delusion!

      • You are right, Jami. Liberals are incapable of thinking as individuals only as a mob. It was a miracle Donald got elected despite the force of evil against him. Anyone with the insight to vote for Donald J. Trump and call to impeach Nasty Nadler is a positive force for America, not a negative one like the Vengeful Victims Society.

    • You couldn’t be more wrong, it’s sad to see that you don’t know the truth. Haven’t you noticed they all have talking points. Please do your own research don’t rely on the news they will only make you mad. Grab your popcorn the people that you believe in will be in jail soon.

  4. Agree 100% on the Verrazano toll. It should be a TWO-WAY toll to fund transit and make amends for not including a rail line across the bridge.

  5. Apparently, Donald Trump can happily toss tweet-grenades at President Obama for seven years (from the safe distance of Twitter), but when it comes down to actual, legal investigations into his own administration…….he screams "HARASSMENT!!!!111!!"

    He's a pussy. Milquetoast. Coward. Wimp.

    And you all know it. Bullies aren't "strong." They're just loud and boring. Like all of you.

    • Reoeat after me, say Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, one thousand times and Trump will disappear and your brain will become pumpkin mush.

    • Obama is one of thee worst presidents of all time. Unemployment was at an all time high. People were losing their homes while Obama chose to bail out billions to the banks. More people were on welfare then ever before. An absolute travesty. Obamacare was a joke for the working class. People lost their FULL TIME jobs as they were being forced to either give their employees insurance or risk penalties. Guess what they did. They rid their full time employees and offered PART TIME employment ONLY! The only ones who benefitted from Obamacare was those on welfare. Those of us who had insurance, our premiums tripled and our deductibles doubled because someone had to pay for Obamacare. The working class picked up that bill! Absolutely despicable!

  6. Your "Articles of impeachment" are hilarious.

    Please provide more.

    Or, perhaps go and get a law degree, and then come back and do more.

  7. Maybe I'm too much a fan of The Village, because it's painful when they publish… anything, everything… without editorial standards. Sometimes you guys just must say No, i.e. 2nd-hand editorials and now this. This publication doesn't have to publish Everything, even when you don't have to pay the writer. In the long-run the publication pays in other ways, views & clicks, ad rates. Please, be smarter!

    Carl is just mad because he purchased property on the wrong street. It was cheap, but that should have been a sign to stay away, not buy. Now he's stuck with a building on Broome St., and Broome St. was, is, and always will be a mess. He wants government to solve his problems of truck pass-throughs, car congestion, exhaust pollution, and horn & engine noise in front of his building. Some things are just not solvable, and this is one of them. Moses couldn't solve it, and no one since has any good ideas.

    Tolls will not work either, but more importantly, this City is not going to have internal tolls. The City is never going to add tolling on bridges between boroughs. It's our City, all of us, so you can't deny SI'ers or Bklyners acce$$ to Manhattan. This has nothing to do with Nadler except he didn't help Broome St. complainers. Please, Carl, give the property to a Not-for-Profit. I'm sorry that he continues to be so pissed about this Fact (Gilda's Club has the same problem, and you don't read them complaining), but this publication is not the place for it. Come on, man!

    • Lora Tenenbaum

      I can understand your anger at what Carl wrote. I, too, think this op-ed piece wrong and a bunch of drivel.

      However, your attack on him attacks me, too, since I live in an artist’s coop on Broome Street. And it is full of misplaced assumptions. I can only conclude you are relatively new to this community.

      The Verrazanno-Narrows bridge toll is an internal toll between boroughs, something you assert “this City is not going to have.’” The toll used to be collected in both directions, but, despite environmental studies showing the negative impact on Brooklyn and Manhattan, a federal law was passed mandating that it be collected in only one way. This caused an immediate visible negative change in both Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan traffic patterns…particularly bringiing in through trucks that would not otherwise be here. Both Nadler and Schumer made promises to fix this…but never followed through. It disapointed and angered many of us. Given that tolling no longer requires vehicles to stop, thre is no longer any rationalle to keep a one way toll.

      Another fact you have wrong is that you state Carl purchased a building on Broome Street. That is not true. And, you seem to know so much about Carrl and his motivations but you do not to know that Carl had a not for profit gallery, made it available for community meetings and even as a place to vote. Unfortunately, it failed. He was a prime leader in getting the City to recognise that Broome St. is not a through truck route. And, unlike Gilda’s club, he is a real person who needs to sleep and breathe and who was here before the VNB one way toll was forced upon us..

      I am saddened to read that an old friend would write such angry drivel, but your personal attack on him is on the same level.

      • Lora, you are right about my level. My apologies to you, but Carl has said worse about others, so I'm sure he can take it (and speak for himself). Also, I've known of the "Puffin" family for decades, and although even they seem to keep their distance from him, I'm far from a newbie.

        Believe me, I feel bad for anyone who lives on Broome St. I also live on a street that is basically an off-ramp for a bridge, so I suffer many of the same horrors. But what is the answer? Robert Moses had one, but no one living nearby liked it. The "outer borough" leaders got the dual-tolling removed, because too many people found it unfair to non-Manhattanites. Not sure how you put that genie back in the bottle.

        If Carl donated the building and walked away, maybe the extra sleep would make him less Angry, but on 2nd thought, that's probably unrealistic and helps you in no way. However, Gilda's Club is for cancer patients, so the fact that they deal with tons of idling pollution right outside their door should make it criminal, but as of yet, there are no answers to West Houston St. either.

        I seriously hope that you find an answer to your situation (and Gilda's and mine, too), but I can't believe it will involve any change in tolling. However, calling for the impeachment of Nadler turns your plight into a joke. And in that regard, Carl has done you no favors. Good luck with that.

        • The Angry Buddhist

          Before you embarrass yourself displaying your ignorance you should do some research but I guess you adapt your style by watching Chuck Todd, Rachel Maddow and other MSM propagandists, make wild and false accusations first and then fail to retract them when proven wrong. "Russia, Russia, Russia." Rather then waste my time with your idiocy you can look into The Villager archive at my numerous columns written over the years concerning the details of the bridge toll and Nadler's colossal failures.
          Aside from your ignorance you are classless,
          hiding behind some pathetic anonymous identity and personally insulting my family.

          • Lora
            It is appreciated to defend my local track record and character but what is of importance here is "the facts man, nothing but the facts." I challenge you or any delusional liberal out there to find one Article of Impeachment false. I am forced to write such hit pieces because the Democratic Party has been destroyed by hacks like Nadler, serving corporate war mongering donors and abandoning the middle class. This is why Trump was elected and will be again. They have only the hate and division of identity politics. Clinton had no platform and all of these investigations are a distraction to cover up her retchedness and party corruption. The entire Obama justice Department should be the subject of investigation and jailed for using the FBI and NSA to illegally spy on a presidential candidate and then again as presidential elect under false grounds, obtaining a FISA warrant with the Steele dossier obtained from RUSSIANS and paid for by .Clinton. Does this bother any of you? You celebrate and applaud corrupt top FBI officials whose mission over the decades has been to destroy any and all progressive political opponents. You're all deranged, cheering as the country becomes more and more totalitarian and not because of Trump.Where was your outrage when OBomba put the Patriot Act on steroids destroying your 4th Amendment rights with the NSA recording everything, EVERYTHING. Where were you when hi and Killary started 5 new wars including Libya, Syria and Yemen and it's all about the oil baby. Where are you now as big tech scours far left and alt right sites.,When you censor one word you can censor anything. The First Amendment guarantees all speech, there is no "hate speech", it is an Orwellian term. Don't give me crap about them being private companies. They must be regulated and turned into utilities because they broadly already serve the public interest. Liberals as far as I'm concerned have become like Bolsheviks and Maoists, dangerous, servile zombies. It's so ironic that the "white" ( no such thing) middle Americans whom I despised for their support of the Vietman War and for chanting USA at hockey games have become more sympathetic to me than all of the brain dead zombies in the blue states. Liars and corporatists like Booker, Warren,Biden, Harris will further run the party into the grave. The only candidate with any integrity and with a true moral compass is Tulsi Gabbard, she alone can beat Trump, but you wonderful Democrats are villifying a true woman of peace. I could rant on your collective idiocy for days. So I'm waiting, with facts, prove one thing I have stated in the piece or in this rave wrong. Im waiting.

          • oh wow, now that's really off the deep end. now I feel bad for you. sorry.

          • Amen and God bless

  8. Just to add to your opinion .. Some positive facts..

    Carl has given years of community activist working to plant trees. Carl fighting illegal trucking on Broome Street.
    NO more 18 wheelers on Broome Street .a Victory

    He Initiating the rehabilitation of Petrissino and it was his idea to take back a traffic lane for on Lafayette to enlarge the park during Kathryn Freed's time. Leading victorious lawsuit
    against monstrous trucking operations on Broome.

    With Alan Gerson he got the historic street lamps installed.

    15 years of Puffin Room, with all the great exhibitions including 9 Loft shows, peace activism, forums and 9 elections. Never took a dollar from an artist sells from the Puffin Room Exhibitions…

    Please, could you list the Volunteer work you did for our neighbourhood to make it a better place????
    {Oh, 1 suggestion you could work on getting the outgoing toll back on the Holland Tunnel!! }

  9. Lars Shermerhorn

    So the gist of it is that Nadler is subjecting us to his misgivings concerning his lost battle with Trump? We should erect a statue of Nadler for actually standing up to that miserable hater, cheater, scammer, womanizer, etc. etc.. Unfortunately Nadler lost his battles that no one else deigned to undertake for 40 years as this maniac Trump ran roughshod over New York City. Impeach Nadler? Get a life.

    • There already is a monument Lars, it is the elevated roadway from 57th St to 72nd St, the last vestige of the West Side Highway that towers over the skinny section of Hudson River Park. Every time you walk or bike in the shadows you can think fondly of your heroic Congressman. If you bothered to research Article B as I suggested you would discover that Nadler on behalf of constituents in Lincoln Towers tried to thwart Trump from developing
      Riverside South. Certainly the architecture is banal but it integrates into the grid and stimulated growth and economic activity on the then dead west side that has culminated in Hudson Yards. The Trump development created tens of thousands of union jobs over the years and tens of millions of real estate tax revenue.
      So Nadler to spite Trump refused to allocate available federal money to bury the highway in a tunnel-real genius.
      So now instead of open space you have the highway. Who is the maniac, Trump or. Nadler or maybe it's you.

  10. For anyone who drives a car downtown, let alone lives on Broome St., the "discount detour" is a horrendous nightmare. I don't know if Nadler needs to be impeached for it but thanks for publishing the article to help shine light on the misgivings of some of our representatives. Perhaps do similar with the mayor….

  11. The Angry Buddhist appears angry again. For The Villager to run this significant anti Nader article, they must recognize the substance behind the allegations? No?

  12. Welcome back Angry Buddhist, and thank you Villager for not being 100% one sided .. like 98% of the news in this country. Carl seems to bring out the true angry one sided liberal reader/watcher AND might have them think out side the CNN, NYT box. So, thank you again for bringing back the Angry Buddhist. That said, I'm sorry that no matter what you write Carl, it will always go right back to Trump, hate & Russia, Russia, Russia. I thought it was an informative piece, and I found out things I didn't know about that low life Nadler. I also think it's perfect that you wrote this piece right before the Big Mueller Russian Collusion Conclusion. We can say now 100% that there was NEVER any Russian Collusion, BUT the left will never accept it and now go after Muller for not putting out the information they were looking for. OH NOOOO this won't stop the radical left from trying to bring down this President..OOH NOOO because they have their secret weapon called Nadler!! Two weeks ago, the House Judiciary Committee sent letters to 81 individuals, agencies, and entities requesting documents pertaining to anything to do with Trump. Again, more money and many lives will be ruined in search of a crime against our President. We all know this all goes back to the corrupt Hillary & Obummer, BUT the radical left won't accept that either. This is the BIGGEST corruption scandal in our country's history and the left wants to try again by allowing Nadler bring in anyone that had dealings with Trump 30 years ago.( in search of a crime.)
    SHAME SHAME SHAME!!! Don't worry liberals, Nadler will save the day along with the NY southern district courts lol.
    Carl, I loved how you handled the ignorant snowflake responders to your article. You can see it's really hard to have any kind of conversation any more, because your dealing with 24-7 hate fake news. If you don't agree with them..they will physically hurt you… SHAME SHAME. As a former NY liberal for over 35 years that stood, and always will stand for equal rights, peace and freedom of speech (if I agreed with you or not) I am so ashamed of my former party and this is why I #walkaway. Thank you Carl for always expressing your views and exposing the ignorance and hate with especially the radical NY Liberals. Thanks again Villager for bringing back the Angry Buddhist. We see propaganda running wild these days and this morning I woke up and prayed to see the front covers of the New York Times / Wash Post apologize to President Trump for printing up lies for over 2 years about him and RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA…BUT I have to accept that will NEVER HAPPEN and the left will just move onto the Nadler investigations. SUCH A SHAME what these radical socialist / communists are doing to this country.
    Stay strong and angry my Buddhist friend… I cant believe we need to fight back for our freedom of speech ( again )…… Ommmmmmm.

  13. Nadler is a loser who can't accept the fact that Trump is the president, whether Nadler likes it or not.

  14. Nadler has a hard time accepting the Mueller report, and wants the WHOLE report without any redactions. Once Mueller use to be up there with Jesus… NOW he's a racist working for Trump. BUT, it's funny way back when the Starr report was coming out… Nadler felt it was unfair and unlawful to show/release the WHOLE report… Interesting how the double standard works. Check out link with Nadler and good ole Charlie Rose. You know the saying…"If the Dems didn't have double standard.. they wouldn't have any standards at all". BTW: you won't see this clip on CNN, MSLSD, or in the NYT, Wash Post. SHAME..SHAME!!!



  17. Nadler has chose to ignore the minority party and has lied about Barr’s proceedings choosing to have a staff member ask Barr question, that is OUTRAGEOUS! Barr is the AG of the US, ironically when Loretta Lynch was AG, The Democrats we’re up in arms defending her even as she committed crimes protecting Hillary Clinton, Instructed Comey to not pursue gross negligence which is an absolute crime, so was meeting with Bill Clinton days before that decision not to pursue charges against Clinton was instructed. Obama entire administration covered up for Clinton, that administration was and is corrupt and has leaked into Trumps administration. The sewer rats are hiding in their cesspools, however Nadler, Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer and Waters have no problem showing the world what vermin looks like!

  18. Nadler is a moron, get out of office and stop wasting tax payers money.

  19. What do you call people incapable of thinking as individuals, who can function only as a mob? Democrat bullies. Anyone with the insight to support Donald J. Trump and impeach Noxious Nadler is a positive force for America. Highly stupid people don’t even know they’re stupid, so you can’t blame them for not knowing a genius president when they see one. Trump has achieved more than any career politician even thought of. Many thanks to the Angry Buddhist for the fascinating history of Trump and Nadler. It showed that Nadler is exponentially more evil than I even imagined. He is recycled from the Middle Ages, Spanish Inquisition, and Salem Witch Trials. Burning at the stake is not bad enough for his brand of evil. It was truly a miracle that Donald Trump was elected to rescue America despite the immense arsenal of evil targeting him, his family, and his colleagues. Let’s pray for another miracle and IMPEACH NADLER PRONTO!

  20. Stop this impeachment crap!

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