Johnson to Trader Joe’s: Step up and deliver

BY LINCOLN ANDERSON | City Council Speaker Corey Johnson prides himself on delivering for his district constituents, and the city as a whole. But now Johnson is calling on someone else to step up to the plate and deliver — Trader Joe’s, that is.

Last month, news broke that the affordable “fresh format” supermarket would stop deliveries as of March 1. The Tiki-themed national chain — beloved for its tasty offerings with quirky names — offered the service for just $6. It was only available in Manhattan.

Seniors and those with disabilities, especially, were up in arms and at a loss about how they were going to get all their Trader Joe’s goods back to their homes without the service.

Trader Joe’s said it could no longer afford to provide the service.

A view of flowers through the window at the Trader Joe’s store in the Chelsea / Flatiron District area at Sixth Ave. and 21st St. (Photo by Lincoln Anderson)

In response, on March 14, Johnson wrote to Dan Bane, Trader Joe’s chairperson and C.E.O., in Monrovia, California, urging him to “reconsider” ending deliveries.

“Many of my constituents, particularly people with mobility issues and seniors with fixed incomes, depend on Trader Joe’s delivery service to access affordable groceries,” Johnson wrote, in part. “My office has heard from these constituents who, without this service, have already suffered since the program ended on March 1.

“I understand that this is not a decision you made lightly. Nevertheless, I ask you to reconsider and restore home delivery service as soon as possible.

“Thank you for your consideration of this important request,” Johnson wrote, stressing, “Our neighborhoods cannot afford to lose this service or the fresh affordable food that your stores provide.”

Marlene Nadle, a member of the Village Independent Democrats political club, said she was heartened that Johnson is trying to restore the service. She said she understands that other local West Side politicians may also be writing a letter to the supermarket chain.

In the meantime, she urged people to contact Trader Joe’s directly by calling its California headquarters at 626-599-3700 and/or leaving a message on its Web site at, or better yet, by writing to its top honcho at: Dan Bane, chairman and C.E.O., Trader Joe’s Company, 800 South Shamrock Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016.

3 Responses to Johnson to Trader Joe’s: Step up and deliver

  1. I was not aware of this service, but would certainly use it if you continue to make it available. At my age, I am no longer
    able to use public transportation to get to your store. Please offer delivery service and let me know how to use it. Thank you.

    • Marion Darby – the way this worked was, you go to Trader Joe's, choose your food items and place them in your grocery cart, when finished go to the cashier with your cart and tell him/her you'd like the items delivered. They will then ask you to write down your information and will tell you when delivery is expected. There is a charge, depending on where you live, and that charge will be included in what you pay. It would be nice if you would give the delivery person a tip when he arrives.

  2. You couldn't get a cab to deliver groceries through NYC traffic for under $25 per drop-off.
    Don't blame Trader Joe's for that.
    But you might want to take a look at our main travel avenues being dwindled down to two lanes, bike riders, delivery trucks forced to double-park because of lack of parking spaces for anybody, etc etc., some of the causes of making the cost of delivery so high in NYC.

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