N.Y.U. opens first fully halal dining hall

N.Y.U.’s Lipton Dining Hall is now 100 percent halal. Photos courtesy Islamic Center at N.Y.U.

BY GABE HERMAN | New York University has opened its first dining hall that is completely halal, meaning in accordance with Islamic dietary rules.

On Jan. 27, Lipton Dining Hall, at 33 Washington Square West, at Washington Place, became the “first fully dedicated residential dining location at a major university in North America certified at the highest level of Halal through Halal Food Standards Alliance of America (HFSAA),” according to an announcement by the Islamic Center at N.Y.U.

Some of the food offering, all halal, above and below, at N.Y.U.’s Lipton Dining Hall.

The same halal certification group, HFSAA, also monitors two other N.Y.U. dining halls at their halal sections. One is Kimmel Market Place, at 60 Washington Square South, and the other is Jasper Kane Café, at 6 MetroTech Center in Brooklyn.

HFSAA monitors all foods and ingredients to make sure there are no prohibited foods or ingredients, such as alcohol or pork. The organization also does ritual cleansing of food sites, provides training for staff and regular audits of facilities, and has on-site supervisors.

The Lipton Dining Hall serves buffet-style meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It also has a small convenience store that only sells items that are halal-certified.

“The Lipton Dining Hall is a milestone for our community,” said the imam of ICNYU, Khalid Latif, in the announcement. “I personally had the privilege of attending a soft launch of the hall…and aside from amazing food, the space itself is set up beautifully.”

Latif added, “Our hope at the IC is to continue to grow and build accommodations such as these so that we can better meet the diverse needs our community.”

Along with more halal dining options at N.Y.U., there are a growing number of halal food options in neighboring Greenwich Village.

Of course there are halal food carts: Fifty-seven percent of the city’s food vendors are Muslim, according to Muslims for American Progress. And just on MacDougal St. between Bleecker and W. Third Sts., there is Kati Roll Company, Mint Masala and Burgers by Honest Chops. The burger place was co-founded by Imam Latif, along with its sister shop Honest Chops Butchery in the East Village.


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  1. AllahuAkbar! God is great. Thanks to the New Yorkers for being so diverse and fashion forward in 2019! May other North American states Micmac New York University. I will be visiting in the near future and will be sure to stop in and dine InshaAllah! Thank you for sharing this wonderful story of progress!

  2. Alhamduallah! Wonderful. Inshallah I will patronize.May Allah be pleased.

  3. Assalaam O Alaikum

    I am from Melbourne Australia and planning to visit and like to have some meals inshallah is there accommodation as well near by and what other interesting places would be in surrounding area If someone can spot me some locations. jazakAllahu khayr

    Shahid Alam

  4. When you say it’s halal is your meat machine slaughtered.

  5. Estrelyta taher


    When travel to NY can visit this foodhall

  6. Alhamdolillah it’s a great achievement. Muslims in non Muslim countries, always search it. I suggest that some Vegitables and Daal, peas (مٹر) rice and other menus for non-Muslims should also be served to introduce eastern dishes or giving spaces for them so they Should know that Muslims are not rigid.

  7. Mashallah we are interduing Islamic halal food

    Throughout the world. Inshallah Islam will be pretty soon from

    East to West North to south.

  8. Mohammed A Rahman

    I am from Sydney Austrslia and planning to visit NY this year. Have a plan to drop in there and grab some delicious foods insha Allah!

  9. Masya Allah, sounds good and fantastic effort, Allah is Great, Thank you

  10. Mashaa Allah this is great. All I can say is Alhammdulillah to start this wonderful halal eatery , may almighty Allah help this business to grow spread across not only in America but also in every continent on these earth. Jazakum Allah khari

  11. الحَمْدُلله I am an alumni and unfortunately did not enjoy such a blessing although practice strictly halal all my life ! MashaAllah what a great achievement!


  12. Alhamdu’Allaah, it’s a beautiful thing that there are more halal food options not only at NYU, but all around the Greenwich Village area. In sha’Allaah may many more Halal businesses open up all around the City and country.

  13. Alhamdulilah, glad to learn about this,just moved to Florida, nat many halal options here, hope something like this would open here in the near future in Sha Allah Jazak Allah Khair

  14. Alhamdulilaah and Masha’Allah 🙂

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