Mint Kitchen is a fresh take on Middle Eastern

Mint Kitchen, a new Middle Eastern eatery in an expansive space, recently opened on University Place. Photo by Gabe Herman

BY GABE HERMAN | Mint Kitchen, a new Middle Eastern restaurant, has opened just below Union Square. It debuted on Jan. 30 and features a fast-casual style in a bright, open atmosphere.

The restaurant was co-founded by Israeli chef Erez Komarovsky, who previously started a popular bakery in Israel called Lehem Erez that expanded to more than 30 locations.

Located at 83 University Place, between E. 11th and E. 12th Sts., right next to Village Taverna, the restaurant serves food in actual dishes, instead of the bowl style that has become the fashion.

The food is prepared on site, including in a big copper tabuon oven. The meal options on the menu include green baked falafel, shrimp kebabs, steak, chicken breast with sesame rub, and falafel crusted salmon. Meal prices range from $11.95 to $16.95.

The “Kibbutz Salad” at Mint Kitchen. Instagram/Mint Kitchen

Other menu items include several salads; soup, pita and sides; and vegan chocolate-tahini truffles for dessert for $4.50.

Mint Kitchen also makes its own Israeli soda called gazoz in several different fruit flavors.

Regular customers can get a card to be punched after every meal. However, after the 10th meal, instead of a free meal for you, Mint Kitchen donates a meal to a needy family through City Harvest.

The restaurant space has a modern, open design but also lots of wood and plants inside. To one side is a raised section with three levels where people can sit and eat.

And a friendly greeter takes orders near the entrance, so that you don’t have to walk up to a register to order.

A sign in the window notes that for the next week or so, the new eatery will offer lunch service from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. More information about Mint Kitchen can be found at

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