Letters to The Editor, Week of Feb. 7, 2019

Only way Johnson wins

To The Editor:

Re “Johnson mulls ‘people-powered mayoral run’” (news article, Jan. 31):

What would be a game changer for Johnson to win the mayor’s race? Do what every past City Council speaker refused to do — stand up to the Real Estate Board of New York and pass legislation to save the city’s small businesses and jobs. Every past Council speaker has joined in the rigging of the system to stop any legislation that would give rights to small business owners when their leases expire.

And every speaker lost big running for mayor because they could not get the city’s immigrant community votes. Why? Because ethnic immigrant families own the majority of small businesses and create the vast majority of jobs for resident New Yorkers. Without the ethnic vote, the young white gay guy from the Village and Chelsea follows past speakers and can’t win.

Pass the Small Business Jobs Survival Act.

Steve Barrison
Barrison is executive vice president and spokesperson, Small Business Congress of New York City


Gansevoort’s good to swim

To The Editor:

Last Friday’s New York Post article on the beach at Gansevoort that the Hudson River Park Trust now says it is going to build (no swimming, though!) claims that the Citizens Water Quality Testing Program “routinely finds unacceptable levels of fecal bacteria in the waters off Manhattan’s West Side.”

I just want to assure everyone that, in fact, we routinely find the exact opposite — that the water in the park meets New York City Department of Health bathing-beach swim standards the vast majority of the time, and certainly more often than many of the “official” beaches listed on the D.O.H. Web site.

Should you find yourself talking about, or listening to others talk about the beach, in the coming months, please familiarize yourself with our seven years of data. Because, hey, you never know, there may still be a few decision makers out there who care about facts.

Rob Buchanan
Buchanan is coordinator, Citizens Water Quality Testing Program


Put it in perspective

To The Editor:

Re “Just don’t hit me!” (letter, by Sylvia Rackow, Jan. 24):

Don’t hit you, Sylvia Rackow? O.K., I won’t. But nearly 200 people were killed by cars in New York City last year, and precisely zero by bicycles. Your priorities are dangerously misplaced.

Bill Weinberg


Clean up your act, M.T.A.!

To The Editor:

Re “Subway death highlights need for more elevators” (thevillager.com, news article, Feb. 1):

Why, why, why does someone always have to die before New York City takes responsibility for its citizens? The M.T.A. has been in deep financial trouble for way too long. The governor is right to insist that it clean up its act. Charging cab riders an extra $2.50 per ride to pay for safe elevators is not the answer. Don’t make the public pay for your mismanagement, M.T.A.!

Kathleen McGee Treat


Really not buying this

To The Editor:

Re “Lots of new shops to ‘discover’ soon in Hudson Yards” (news article, thevillager.com, Jan. 17):

So much wrong with the way they develop nowadays. We seem to keep building for profit, not for people.

Robert Langan

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