Credico and Bianca do Chelsea, out of Roger Stone’s crosshairs

Randy Credico with his dog Bianca try to relax Monday evening Feb. 18 at a diner in Chelsea. Photos by Jefferson Siegel

BY LINCOLN ANDERSON | Updated Tues., Feb. 19, 5:15 p.m.: Venturing into Manhattan, Randy Credico, a.k.a. “Person 2” in the Roger Stone indictment in the Russian collusion investigation, was out on the town in Chelsea Monday. Of course, right along with him was his ever-loyal canine sidekick, Bianca.

Also tagging along was a two-man Danish crew doing a documentary on Credico. But the standup comic-turned-activist/radio journalist signed an agreement that the flick won’t air until 2020.

Credico gets some “therapy” from Bianca.

They also met up with Martin Stolar, Credico’s attorney, and a lawyer friend of Credico’s for a bite at the Hollywood Diner, at Sixth Ave. at 16th St.

To hear Credico tell it, all the TV news shows are calling him right now, all wanting to land the first big interview with him since Stone’s indictment. He said he’ll likely go on one or possibly two of the prime-time shows “very soon.” For right now, though, he’s not really talking to anyone. And he said he won’t be able to talk about the case on TV, though can talk about other things.

Stone has fingered Credico as being his alleged “back channel” to WikiLeaks, purportedly tipping the G.O.P. “dirty trickster” off before WikiLeaks dumped e-mails damaging to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Credico, though, denies he was Stone’s WikiLeaks connection.

Credico talking on the phone while being recorded by a Danish film crew who are doing a documentary on him. They have an agreement that the film won’t air until next year.

Last month, this newspaper reported exclusively that a jittery Credico was holed up in an apartment in a remote outer-borough location in the wake of his former off-and-on-again frenemy Stone’s indictment. Five of the seven counts the grand jury charged Stone with involve Credico, including, notably, one for witness tampering.

Credico continues to keep a low profile. Asked via Facebook messages if anyone spotted him while he was out in Chelsea, he said no, that he wore sunglasses and a baseball cap.

While with the documentary crew, Credico was mum about the upcoming court case, in which it’s expected he’ll testify as a witness. For his part, Stone has pled not guilty to witness tampering, as well as obstruction and making false statements to Congress.

What does the future hold? Forging onward from the diner, Credico — “Person 2” in the Roger Stone indictment — and Bianca hit the streets of Chelsea.

Though Credico told this newspaper he’s not talking about anything related to the case right now, he did tip the paper off that he’d be back in his old Manhattan stomping grounds Monday with the film crew.

Meanwhile, Stone on Monday posted an image on Instagram showing a crosshairs next to U.S. District Judge Amy Berman, who is presiding on the case. Last Friday, Berman slapped a gag order on the proceedings, prohibiting Stone, the attorneys and witnesses from talking about it publicly.

Stone reportedly took the threatening image down after an hour. He later claimed it was a “random photo” and meant no disrespect by it.

In their written indictment of Stone, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s prosecutors said Stone, in an e-mail to Credico on April 9, 2018, threatened to take teeny Bianca — Credico’s therapy dog — away from him.

On the same day, the indictment states, Stone e-mailed Credico, saying, “I am so ready. Let’s get it on. Prepare to die [expletive].”

10 Responses to Credico and Bianca do Chelsea, out of Roger Stone’s crosshairs

  1. Nobody will believe Credico because he is known as a massive pathological bs’er starved for attention. That therapy dog stuff is also a load of bs.

  2. I wish Randy and his Pro Bono Attorney Martin Stolar the best and sincerely hope this whole insanity will be over soon. If Roger Stone happens to read this story and comments… for a small fee…I offer to give you some tips on how to get by in Federal Prison. I was in 3 different ones including Atlanta which was the worst of all due to a Trespassing conviction for a non-violent protest against nuclear weapons at the Savannah River Nuclear Bomb Plant in SC. FYI to RS if the Federal judge revokes your bail request to be put into MDC Miami it is the best in the country and the food there is great. It beats MDC New York or DC by miles and it feels a bit like a college campus. I worked in and ran the laundry at one place and had a deal with the head cook to give him fresh laundry every day in exchange for yeast, sugar and fruit to make hooch. Hope you enjoy your new home Roger.

  3. Dan Barry ? Is that you roger ? 😉

  4. A lot of hate and bitterness and ignorance in these replies.. I feel bad for these dudes

    • Only 2 out of 7 comments here are negative – Roger's at the top and mine. If you think that's a lot, then you don't read a lot of online comment boards. jeez.

  5. Bianca and Randy could not be incognito with a hat and glasses. That is an easy costume to see through. Love you Randy Credico and little Miss Bianca. Hopefully, you both can get back to normal soon. All My Love

  6. This guy is not a star. He's a criminal. He should go to jail right behind Roger Stone. But spare the dog. And Stone should spend the rest of his life there. He championed being the bad guy, and now it's time to pay the piper. Crime doesn't pay… at least not forever. Time to send a positive message to everyone — do right or do time. I couldn't be happier.

  7. Randy is a good man, got mixed up with the Infowars Roger Stone Cold and Alex Jones bunch by a strange mix of fate. He's been an advocate for human rights and justice. Can't say that about anyone else. I stand with Randy and Bianca.

    ARROGANT, ENTITLED, HORRIBLE HUMAN BEING. SUFFER A LOT, YOU DESERVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • May Stone rot in hell with his buddies Roy and Dick. He has proven again (not the first) that ethics, morals, integrity, virtue and a spine are not required to get your name known among the masses, if that's what you want, but known as what? The stain doesn't wash off no matter how much he pretends not to care. Bye, bye, Roger!

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