Panorama offers an array of Middle Eastern food

BY GABE HERMAN | Panorama Middle Eastern Grill has been a welcome addition to the Village’s food options since opening this past June.

The fast-casual restaurant, at 820 Broadway, near E. 12 St., has a slightly sleeker environment than nearby mainstays for Middle Eastern fare like Mamoun’s. But Panorama’s delicious and fresh food, and generous serving sizes, definitely make it a worthwhile experience.

Panorama says its name comes from the restaurant’s goal to represent foods across many cuisines of the Middle East, including from Lebanon, Turkey and Israel. Different menu areas include pita and box options, including for Mediterranean, greens, shawarma, Turkish doner kebab, and grilled shish kebab. All box and pita options go for $10.

I recently tried a Mediterranean box, and chose a base of the super grain freekeh, chicken shish for the protein, sides of tomato-cucumber, pickles, shredded carrots and baba ghanoush, with tahini sauce. It was a bright colorful mixture and delicious, and enough food for two meals.

Some of the tasty fare at Panorama Middle Eastern Grill. Photo by foodyhopper / Instagram

All foods and sauces are made daily at the location, which comes through in the rich tastes of the dishes. The meats are charcoal-barbequed, according to the restaurant, and come from grass-fed, free-range and antibiotic-free animals.

The eatery comes from culinary director Julien Iaconelli, who was previously kitchen manager at the popular Village vegan spot by Chloe, at Bleecker and MacDougal Sts.

There are plans to expand Panorama in New York to several more locations over the next five years, according to financial backer LJM Developments, a Canadian real estate company.

Other menu items include Middle Eastern sliders — with falafel or roasted cauliflower, chicken shawarma, or a meatball, with pickled vegetables, mixed greens and mint yogurt — for $11; Halloumi fries, which are halloumi cheese curds fried and with tzatziki sauce, for $8; and French fries, topped with chicken shawarma, garlic sauce and tahini, for $7. For sweets, Panorama offers baklava for $5.

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  1. Sorry but the food at this place is not very good. Many places in the area have better Middle East Food.

  2. The place was over priced with adequate food…. but now it's out of business. Walked by the other day. Windows are covered with paper and a sign that says closed.

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