Letters to The Editor, Week of Jan. 17, 2019

Marcus doesn’t speak for us

To The Editor:

Re “An open letter to City Council Speaker Corey Johnson” (Viewpoint, by David Marcus, Jan. 10):

David Marcus is not a member of the 14th St. Coalition Steering Committee and has not been involved with the Coalition for some time. We want to be clear, his “Open Letter to Council Speaker Johnson” reflects his personal views, and not those of the Coalition.

Elissa Stein and Judy Pesin
Stein and Pesin are members, 14th St. Coalition Steering Committee


At least there’s Reggio

To The Editor:

Re “Caffe Reggio finds a formula for survival” (City Business, Jan. 10):

A heartening piece to read while mourning the passing of the Cornelia St. Cafe.

Kathleen McGee Treat


Sharing Rivington House

To The Editor:

Re “Push for nursing-home beds at Rivington House” (news article, Jan. 10):

Thank you for clear reporting here. This is the neighborhood that welcomed Rivington House for people with AIDS/H.I.V. We won’t be pitted against people who desperately need a home and/or services. Never have. Never will.

We share.

That is, in fact, one issue with this sudden announcement: Potentially, people in crisis would be pitted against each other, which is unacceptable. So was not vetting this plan through our local elected officials before any “letter of intent” was signed.

We are asking to share space with Mt. Sinai/Beth Israel. The community fought for three-and-a-half years to “preserve” this tremendous resource. Rivington House represents 219 “homes” (beds). This was always housing for the disabled, for those stricken with illness requiring 24/7 long-term care, or for those who were dying.

We want to build a model of “nursing home” care that would be integrated into our neighborhood for people with Alzheimer’s, other dementias and debilitating diseases, and to return the former evicted tenants who are living with AIDS/H.I.V.

We want to share this building, which could be an activated community hub for many real needs in this community.

We’ll continue to fight for people whose minds are being slowly taken by yet another disease with no cure and that people ultimately die from.

Kathleen Webster


Bike to the future!

To The Editor:

Re “Broken glass and sharp words over L-shutdown bike lanes” (news article, thevillager.com, Jan. 12):

Oh, please, bike lanes are the future. Why remove bike lanes to satisfy a few very wealthy people that have cars to park on the street? I’m sorry but these rich people don’t own the street. The bike lanes serve hundreds of people each day.

Tommy Johnson


No retreat on bike lanes!

To The Editor:

Re “Broken glass and sharp words over L-shutdown bike lanes” (news article, thevillager.com, Jan. 12):

Just to hell with every anti-bicyclist idiot in this goddamn city. If I thought maybe you had some point worth considering against the new bike lanes in the ’hood, you just totally blew it with me with this evil stunt.

Now I say: NOT ONE STEP BACK! The bike lanes must stay, despite the canceling of the “L-pocalypse.” Every damn one of them.

Happy, jerks?

Bill Weinberg


Connecting with e-bikes

To The Editor:

Re “Sparks fly in debate over electric bicycles” (news article, thevillager.com and Manhattan Express, Jan. 10):

Electric-assist, pedal-activated bikes are ideal. You get exercise and decide how much energy to contribute. Throttle electric bikes should be speed-limited. Tens of pounds — not tons, like cars — means fewer and less-severe injuries and almost no deaths.

There’s no excuse for riding on sidewalks, although being there is required to get into buildings.

Quietness is not so bad but bells and whistles and birdsongs and friendly shout-outs are good, too. Caution and respect for others is best.

Steve Stollman


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