Letters to The Editor, Week of Dec. 20, 2018

Better storm-surge defense

To The Editor:

Re “Flood of concerns over E. Side resiliency redo” (Dec. 13):

Far better to build regional storm-surge sea gates far out to sea and across the upper East River and simultaneously protect the entire 540-mile New York/New Jersey Harbor coastline — 1,000 miles, if you include the lower Hudson Valley.

This would protect all three major airports, all the tunnels, communication facilities, sewage-treatment plants, transportation systems and hospitals. It would also include protection for the outer boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens.

Then, focus on building modest 5-foot-to-6-foot-high seawalls where necessary to restrain the slow but relentless rise in sea levels. It’s all designed to last for 100 years.

Malcolm J. Bowman
Bowman is a professor, Stony Brook University, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences


Awash in betrayal

To The Editor:

Re “Flood of concerns over E. Side resiliency redo” (Dec. 13):

The city has broken the trust of the community — which has worked for four years to give input to create a resilient East River Park — by announcing a new design approach that was brokered behind closed doors. This is totally unacceptable.

The city should put this project on hold and engage with the community and work on a design framework we can agree to — otherwise more time and taxpayers’ money is being wasted!

Christine Datz-Romero
Datz-Romero is executive director, Lower East Side Ecology Center


Tech invasion, no thanks!

To The Editor:

Re “Google it? Google it? Tech giant eyes Downtown expansion” (news article, Dec. 13):

It would be great if both Amazon and Google left New York City. This has become a city where only the wealthy can live, and these type of high-tech firms have made the situation much worse for most New Yorkers.  New York is now filed with empty stores and high-tech jobs — a very antisocial city.

Politicians that support these firms are weak, and no one knows why Amazon is going to be subsidized with taxpayer dollars if it is doing so well. If this was put up for a vote, the majority would want Google and Amazon to get out of New York City.

Ralph Petrillo


Chris Quinn and the facts

To The Editor:

Re “Quinn ‘seriously considered’ public advocate, but not running” (new article, Nov. 29):

Nice fluff piece on Christine Quinn but let’s not forget the facts. The article quotes her statement, saying, “I look forward to driving reforms that can help thousands of families struggling every day.”

I and many in this neighborhood that she betrayed, will not forget that she facilitated the gifting of our hospital and our nursing home to real estate while supposedly serving the community. She also reversed years of hard work setting term limits.

Take note, Brad Hoylman, that anyone with a brain will not trust a politician connected to her.

Lynn Pacifico


Tracking Cuomo’s L moves

To The Editor:

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s overnight tour of the Canarsie L line tunnel was just another in a series of publicity stunts. As usual, he brings no additional funding to pay for the obvious, just his shrill voice.

The M.T.A. has an army of experienced engineers and engineering-consultant firms. Why does Cuomo second-guess his own M.T.A. senior management team by bringing in his own transportation experts? Who paid for this additional layer of bureaucracy?

Larry Penner


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