In the 10th Congressional District: Nadler or Levin

Championing Progressive Values | BY REPRESENTATIVE JERRY NADLER

Congressmember Jerry Nadler. | Photo courtesy of Nadler for Congress

 As a veteran Democratic Congressmember, I have worked throughout my career to make politics in New York City and Washington serve the needs of everyday New Yorkers.

I was first elected to Congress in 1992, and in late 2017,I was honored to be elected Ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee by an overwhelming majority of my colleagues. Through my time in public service, I’m proud to have served as a committed and effective representative for my district on local and national issues.

I’ve been a stalwart advocate for civil rights and liberties; a strong voice on transportation issues; a supporter of a secure and democratic Israel, and a champion of progressive causes to protect the most vulnerable among us.

I’ve worked consistently and relentlessly to defend our country’s fundamental promise of equality for all. I was at the forefront of the battle in Congress to make marriage equality the law of the land, and led the coalition to create the Stonewall National Monument, the first national monument recognizing the struggle for LGBT rights. I’ve authored legislation that would protect pregnant women’s rights in the workplace, defended reproductive health access for all, and fought for aid to families. These are a few examples of my work on the front lines in the fight for LGBT rights, women’s rights, racial and economic justice, and the First Amendment.

From the first days of the Trump administration’s attacks on immigrants, civil rights and our democracy, I have strongly opposed those challenges to our democratic institutions and values. I was one of the first Congressmembers to go to JFK Airport to fight the Muslim ban, led a delegation to inspect an ICE detention facility containing separated families, and have pressed legislation and hearings to end these draconian policies. I have fought hard to protect Special Counsel Mueller’s Russia investigation, and if Democrats gain control of the House in 2018, I will serve as Chair of the Judiciary Committee and will begin significant oversight to hold this administration accountable.

Additionally, I have long focused on improving New York City’s infrastructure. I’ve secured badly needed increases in federal funding for mass transit, worked to resolve critical local issues like the future of the Port Authority Bus Terminal, and have been a fierce advocate for an effective and sustainable goods movement in New York and nationwide.

As the Congressmember representing Ground Zero, I worked tirelessly across the aisle after 9/11 to secure federal aid, lifetime health care coverage and compensation for the responders and survivors, and just last week introduced legislation to permanently reauthorize the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund. I secured vital funds for NYC after Superstorm Sandy, and recently passed bipartisan legislation protecting condos and co-ops affected by disasters.

I also strongly support the many educational, cultural, and social welfare organizations based in my vibrant and diverse district, passing bipartisan legislation to protect artists and bringing hundreds of millions of federal dollars home. I support sensible economic and community development initiatives, and take tremendous pride in providing robust constituent services to my district.

Bold Leadership is Needed for New YorkBY NAOMI LEVIN

Photo courtesy of the candidate

America was my mother and father’s haven when they came here from the Soviet Union in 1978. The gratitude and love I feel for our country, and especially my beloved city of New York, has led me take on our entrenched representative, Congressmember Nadler, in the 2018 election. The mission of my campaign is to bring the focus from national partisan politics back to the issues that are important to the people of District 10, where I have lived for many years. With the extreme polarization seen in Washington today, we need to heal our communities and work together to bridge the divide. Our representative should have working relationships with the Congressional majority, and the drive to address the concerns of this district’s constituents.

The future of our district requires a fresh perspective. After obtaining dual degrees in Computer Science and Biology and becoming a software engineer, I have been a leader on the forefront of emerging technology in New York City. I joined a New York-based start-up that became incredibly successful, and had an IPO five years later. I understand the power of entrepreneurship, and the power of economic growth. We need to prepare our children for the growing business and technology sectors. Expanding STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) programs, including those geared towards women in tech, will go a long way to ensure a competitive future in these industries. Greater investment in technology research in the military and in other sectors is crucial so that America can lead once again.

District 10 is incredibly diverse. In the neighborhoods of Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown, and the Upper West Side, there is a wide range of needs, interests, and political affiliations. Nevertheless, there are some things on which there is widespread agreement: People and businesses are fleeing the city due to our incredibly high tax burden and de-motivating regulations; our children’s education is at stake, and many parents would benefit from expansion of School Choice programs; we need to push back on Mayor de Blasio’s plan to remove admissions tests from our best schools; and we have crumbling infrastructure, which deserves more federal funding.

There is much to address. I plan to stand up for our interests in all of these areas. Rep. Nadler consistently votes “No” on bills that the Congressional majority presents which would help his constituents. He votes against reducing regulations and taxes, he would fight to stop the needed expansion of educational freedom, and against the will of his constituents, he championed the Iran Deal, which has empowered the Iranian Regime, and led to its increased aggression all over the world.

My parents instilled in me a sense of public duty and responsibility to fight for our freedoms and our values. There is a bright future for New York, but we will need bold leadership. I am honored to have the opportunity to be a real alternative to our longtime congressmember, and represent the people in our district.

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