The night Big Apple Circus was a total drag

Stephanie’s Child performing at the Drag Circus at the Big Apple Circus. Photos by Bob Krasner

BY BOB KRASNER | What drag show is not a circus? Bianca Del Rio ruled the ring on Halloween at Lincoln Center, where she served as both ringmaster and master of insults in a special one-time edition of the Big Apple Circus.

Mixed in with some fabulous acrobatic performances were drag sets by Kameron Michaels (as Cher), Stephanie’s Child and Violet Chachki, the latter who combined the two disciplines — as a drag queen who did her own aerial act.

“Duo Fusion,” by Virginia Tuells and Ihosvanys Perez.

But the crowd applauded loudest for Del Rio, who interrupted her monologues to acerbically abuse various audience members in a most politically incorrect way. Many of those spectators were in costume and happy to participate in the costume contest.

Surrounded by a wild group of contestants, Del Rio still managed to be the center of attention. And she remained so, giving the boot to a competitor dressed as Bianca Del Rio. There was obviously only room for one on that stage!

Violet Chachki doing an aerial routine.

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