Snow doubt about it, no one saw this coming

Photos by Bob Krasner

Although last Thursday’s snowstorm sent flimsier street trees toppling from Soho to the East Village and Chelsea, Tompkins Square Park was still a pre-winter wonderland. Mayor de Blasio scrambled to apologize for the city being caught off guard, after there were horrendous traffic delays. Meteorologists had only predicted a light snowfall, but it wound up being 6 inches. But things were “chill” in Tompkins as a dusting of white snow artfully blanketed tree branches and the Temperance Fountain, and of course there were the obligatory snowmen, or snowpersons. At 10th St. and Avenue A, there was only one “person” walking — the little figure in the crosswalk signal — as the typically busy intersection was becalmed.

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