Letters to The Editor, Week of Nov. 8, 2018

Speaking truth to liar

To The Editor:

Re “We all know who’s fueling the hate; So say it” (The Villager, talking point, by Warren Goldstein, Nov. 1):

Thank you, distinguished colleague, for literally speaking truth to power. I share this with heavy heart, as some of my friends are — or have been — Trump supporters.

Let’s face the truth squarely: That he who, pathetically, claims to “tell the truth when I can” has used our White House as a bully pulpit from which he has spewed lies about an “invasion” and thinly veiled white nationalist rhetoric to get his supporters to the polls — never mind the “collateral damage” of deranged followers mailing pipe bombs aimed at political opponents and committing mass murder of Jews allegedly supporting the alleged “invasion.” A classic case of “Après moi, le déluge.”

I don’t know the Kaddish, but it will be figuratively on my lips as I enter the voting booth tomorrow.

Harald M. Sandström
Sandström is emeritus associate professor, politics and government, University of Hartford 


Newbies for development

To The Editor:

Re “Vote ‘No’ on 3” (The Villager, editorial, Nov. 1):

Most of the arguments that I’ve seen against term limits — unfortunately, including this editorial — seem to take it as a given that community boards should naturally be opposed to new development. But what if that’s not what many (and especially newer) New Yorkers want?

Further entrenching anti-construction attitudes would work well for homeowners, who materially benefit from housing scarcity. But younger renters, such as myself, can — and do — disagree.

I think term limits would serve the city well by allowing new voices to be heard.

Will Thomas
Thomas is a board member, Open New York, an independent, pro-housing advocacy group


Empty bookstore blues

To The Editor:

Regarding empty storefronts in the Village, I just passed Sixth Ave. and Eighth St. again today. There, at the southeast corner, the former home of Barnes & Noble still sits empty, nearly six years after it closed on Dec. 31, 2012.

Maybe it’s time to tear down that (ugly) building and create a vest-pocket park there for the neighborhood? It couldn’t be worse than an empty storefront for years and years. Think about it.

Maura Tobias

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