‘Amp’ed-up dog parade is a big hit, fur sure

Biggie Paws (real name) is a rescue bulldog. Photos by Bob Krasner

BY BOB KRASNER | Except for a new venue for the annual Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade this year, not much else changed.

The hotly anticipated event was held at the East River Park amphitheater for the first time. Hundreds of contestants lined up with their costumed canines to compete for trophies for the amusement of everyone in the tiered seating, which was jam-packed.

While some attendees missed Tompkins Square, others, like Caroline Lieberman, liked the new location.

“It’s easier here,” she said. “The audience can sit.”

Many were just delighted with the happy distraction of the whole thing.

“With all the ugliness going on in the world, we need something like this,” said one.

ESPN host Katie Nolan, center, who helped make the dog parade happen this year after it had been canceled, received a plaque from Ada Nieves, the event’s organizer, left, and City Councilmember Carlina Rivera.

The extremely well-behaved pets impersonated everyone from Steve Jobs to Kanye, with costumes that went from simple to extravagant. The “Best In Show” winners, Katie Renfroe and Diego Guanzon, presented their dachshund Longboy Lincoln as a “Barking Mad Hatter” in a float that resembled stacked teacups.

“I worked on it for two months,” Renfroe said. “I had already begun when they canceled the parade, so we were very happy it was back on!”

Allison Chase as Melania Trump, held Lulu as The Donald, while Sara Chase, left, provided security. Chase’s jacket back sported the same slogan, “I really don’t care, do you?” that Melania’s did when she visited detained immigrant kids near the border.

Not content to give trophies to just the prize winners, organizer Ada Nieves made sure that the judges got little commemorative statues, as well. Co-host Katie Nolan, of the ESPN show “Always Late With Katie Nolan,” received her own engraved plaque. “I’m here because I just love dogs so much!” she gushed.

Garrett Rosso stepped back from organizing duties this year but was still onstage helping out in his usual Mad Hatter’s outfit.

“It’s the only costume I have,” he admitted.

“It was awesome!” he exclaimed, at the end of the day. “It’s awesome every year.”

Canine cuteness was on display in a major way.

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