Air head: ‘Baby Trump’ balloon makes appearance at pro-impeachment rally Downtown

The Baby Trump balloon was the guest of honor at a so-called “impeachment parade” starting from Battery Park on Oct. 28.
Photo by Milo Hess


Activists flew a gigantic, inflatable effigy of an orange baby with tiny hands above Battery Park on Oct. 28, marking the first New York City stop on Baby Trump’s national tour designed to drum up support for the 45th president’s impeachment. 

“Baby Trump balloons are being sent all around the country, appearing at events intended to draw attention to the childlike person occupying the Oval Office,” said Jim Girvan, who organized the Baby Trump tour. “Mr. Trump is a threat to our democracy and the American values we hold so dear.” 

The 20-foot-tall orange baby, wearing a diaper and holding a cellphone with a petulant look on its face, was flown during a so-called “impeachment parade” at the Downtown park organized as part of a national campaign, called By the People, dedicated to ensuring Trump’s premature exit from the White House. 

The event was meant to build support for impeaching Trump, but the 200 folks who showed up already seemed pretty fired up about the prospect.
Photo by Milo Hess

Baby Trump drew nearly 200 would-be impeachers to the park near Castle Clinton, where they chanted, waved signs, and ogled what one activist described as a tasteful display of comedic symbolism. 

“It’s not just laughing at him, it’s more symbolic,” said Cesar Acosta, a Murray Hill resident who looks forward to casting his first ballot in the upcoming general election after becoming a US citizen. 

A much smaller group of MAGA-hatted Trump supporters appeared at the rally to confront the president’s detractors but a substantial police presence and some well placed barricades kept the two camps separated and relatively civil throughout the event.   

Before Sunday, Baby Trump balloons have made headlines after appearances near Donald Trump’s golf course in Bedminster, NJ, in Palm Beach near Mar-a-Lago (aka “The southern White House”), and over the Women’s March in Chicago. 

The baby blimp’s maiden voyage was over London’s Parliament Square last July.  The original balloon was created through a crowd-funding campaign to protest President Trump’s visit to Britain. American activists then launched their own campaign, raising more than $24,000 — five times its original goal — to create multiple copies of the Baby Trump balloon for use at anti-Trump events across the country.

Some might argue that this is an even more accurate portrayal of the 45th president than the balloon when it is fully inflated.
Photo by Milo Hess

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