Police Blotter: Week of Octo. 18, 2018


Cops busted a 17-year-old kid for allegedly attacking a store clerk while stealing chips, ice cream, and a 20-ounce soda from a Canal Street bodega on Oct. 8.

A worker told police he spotted the kid attempting to slip out of the deli between W. Broadway and Sixth Avenue with the ill-gotten snacks at 7:30 am, and claims that, when he tried to stop him, the teen suspect allegedly started swinging, catching him with a stiff blow to the jaw.

Police arrested the teenager that day on a felony robbery charge, cops said.



A thief looted cash from a Greenwich Street hair salon on Oct. 9, using a key stashed beneath a doormat to gain entrance to the beauty parlor.

An employee told police the suspect nabbed $500 from the salon between Carlisle and Rector streets at 12:10 am, in addition to some other odds and ends he stole before slinking off into the night.



Some crook puttered off with a woman’s $3,850 scooter she parked on Greenwich Street on Sept. 18.

The victim told police she left her low-power bike near Jay Street at 8 pm, and returned the following evening to find that her scooter was stolen.

For whatever reason, the lady waited nearly three weeks to report the theft to police, and no arrests have been made in the case, which remains open, cops said.



A pair of thieves nabbed more than $3,500 worth of designer bags from a Broadway fashion boutique on Oct. 9.

A worker told police the crooks nabbed two purses, one worth a whopping $2,100, along with a couple wallets from the store between Prince and W. Houston streets at 12:08 pm, before skipping past the register with their poached purses.



A bike-jacker sheared through a woman’s heavy-duty Kryptonite lock to get to her $1,300 Trek bike she parked on Broadway on Oct. 12.

The victim told police she left her mid-range mountain bike near Fulton Street at 7 am, and returned that afternoon to discover that her pedal-powered ride had been stolen.



A thief beat and robbed a man on Varick Street on Oct. 4, taking his $1,000 iPhone.

The victim told police he was waiting for a Lyft driver to pick him up between W. Houston and King streets at 10:30 pm, when some goon cold cocked him right in the kisser, before grabbing his iPhone X, in addition to a $300 wallet and his credit cards.

The crook fled on foot following the assault, cops said.



Two gunmen robbed a man on W. Broadway on Oct. 6, taking his jewelry.

The victim told police he was between Prince and W. Houston streets at 5:12 am, when the crooks pulled a gun on him and ripped the gold necklace from his neck, before nabbing his wallet.

The thieves fled on foot following the stickup, according to police.



Some jerk clocked a guy in the head with a glass bottle inside a Water Street watering hole on Oct. 5.

The victim told police he was inside the bar between Coenties Slip and Broad Street at 9:35 pm, when a glass bottle to the head suddenly ended his night on the town, cops said.

The man, who suffered a large knot and nasty gash on his noggin, told New York’s Finest he had no idea who attacked him, or why, and the case remains open, according to police.



Burglars ransacked a Thompson Street jewelry store on Oct. 5, netting more than $58,000 worth of bling in their early morning heist.

An employee told police the crooks forced their way through a security gate and the front door of the shop between Spring and Prince streets at 4:47 am, before stuffing their bags full of precious stones and then fleeing in a suitably gold-colored Mercedes Benz.



A thief rode off with a woman’s $1,600 bicycle she parked on Wall Street on Oct. 5.

The victim told police that she locked her bike to some construction scaffolding between William and Broad streets at 9 am, and returned that evening to find that her pricey Pro Team bike had been stolen.

 — Colin Mixson

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