Scoopy’s Notebook, Week of Sept. 13, 2018

Dusty Berke, right, with Village activist Sharon Woolums and the new 9/11 Tiles for America bus.

Tiles tour bus: We hear that Dusty Berke, who has possession of many of the original 9/11 memorial tiles that formerly hung on the chain-link fence at the corner of Seventh Ave. South and Greenwich Ave., has bought a “huge van,” presumably to take them on tour. As far back as five years ago, Jimmy Alberici, of the Sixth Precinct’s community affairs department, said his understanding was that Berke planned to take the Tiles for America on a “traveling show.” At the time, the detective was trying to mediate a dispute between Berke and the Contemporary Ceramics Studio Association over whether Berke should have the tiles, which were created at a former ceramics studio next door. It was “more of a civil case,” the detective said, noting no one was being accused of stealing anything. Many of the World Trade Center tiles that are now hanging on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s “fan plant” a.k.a. hideous-looking building are not original since Berke felt the genuine items had become too fragile to be left out in the elements. When we called Alberici this week, he said he never did get an update on the tiles dispute — but that a guy was coming in right at that very moment to talk to him about Berke’s plans. “We have a mobile gallery,” Berke confirmed to us. “I just got the bus. And we’re going to do a number of things.” As for the ceramics association, she said, that kerfuffle has been resolved. “They gave me a letter that says I own the tiles,” she asserted. She wants to keep the iconic squares in a permanent space in the Village, she said, adding, “I have my eye on a place.”

Blue wave and you: Congressmember Jerrold Nadler is hosting a “Get Organized 2018” town hall meeting on the Upper West Side at which he’ll be “talking about how folks can get involved in the effort to take back the House of Representatives this fall.” The event will be held Mon., Sept. 17, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Symphony Space’s Peter Jay Sharp Theatre, at W. 95th St. and Broadway. Co-sponsors include a slew of Upper West Side political clubs, plus Village Independent Democrats, Village Reform Democratic Club, Downtown Independent Democrats, Chelsea Democratic Club and Stonewall Democrats.

Morton’s moment: The ribbon-cutting for the new 75 Morton middle school has been tentatively scheduled for Sun., Sept. 30, at 3 p.m. Richard Carranza, the schools chancellor, will be there, we’re told. “It will be big,” a local schools activist said.

Jessica Berk, of RID, with her canine “patrol” partner, Angelina Jolie, outside the Orthodox synagogue at Charles and W. Fourth Sts. in May. Berk was arrested that month after a transgender homeless man who had been living in a tent on the place’s steps told police she had been rapping him with her cane. Berk denies that and says she just tapped on the doorway.

RID activist to ramble on: Village anti-homeless vigilante Jessica Berk tells us she is filing another federal lawsuit against the Sixth Precinct over what she called her “latest false arrest,” in May, for allegedly whacking a homeless person with a cane and having drugs. “You’re number three on the witness list,” she told us. What? Oh, no! … Berk contends she didn’t hit the person, who was inside a tent on the steps of the Charles St. synagogue’s steps, but just lightly rapped on the house of worship’s doorway. In addition, she said her anti-crime canine sidekick, Angelina Jolie, had scooped up an empty glassine packet as evidence, which the pooch handed over to Berk, and which she then pocketed. Berk said her understanding is the charges will be dropped against her if she stays out of trouble for six months: The homeless person, who was transgender, was allegedly “uncooperative” and now can’t be located to testify against her, while the drug packet allegedly did not have enough residue to be tested. (“Right now, as we speak, I got 30 to 40 packets from in front of Dunkin’ Donuts — which is the new drug-dealing place,” she said, referring to the Christopher St. pastry purveyor.) A Sixth Precinct source confirmed that the victim was spotted a few days after Berk’s May arrest, but has since not been seen around the precinct. However, a Manhattan district attorney spokesperson told us, “This case is still open and pending,” adding that the next court date is Nov. 15. Meanwhile, Berk is forging on with her anti-homeless campaign. “Tomorrow will mark one week when I have made 187 complaints [to the Sixth Precinct] — morning, day and night — about homeless people on the streets,” she told us. She lodged all those complaints in one week, apparently to the Sixth Precinct. She noted that at least the presence of the Mitzvah Tank, at Seventh Ave. South and Christopher St., is helping street conditions a bit. But it’s only there for the High Holidays. She said she believes she was charged with assault as a hate crime, but doesn’t know how that could be. “I never saw the person,” she said. “He was in the bag. … I’d like to know what happened to him — to him or her,” she added. “The fact that you arrest an advocate for merely trying to clear the streets… . I plan to start making citizen’s arrests,” she declared. “I’ve hired two former homeless guys to help me drag guys to the precinct.” Also news is the fact that Berk is, as agreed to in a settlement with her landlord, set to vacate her airy penthouse apartment at Christopher and Bleecker Sts. soon — Nov. 1, according to the Sixth Precinct source. “Even though I’m leaving in a few months, I have no intention of ending RID,” she said, referring to her controversial quality-of-life group, Residents in Distress. Where is she going? “I don’t know,” she said. “I may or may not go to Israel with Roseannenot with Roseanne,” she quipped. “I have family there.” As for now, she’s clearing out her apartment and trying to unload stuff. “My dad kept a lot of furniture and paintings from the club,” she said, referring to the bar / cabaret her dad used to run in the former Hotel Earle, the current Washington Square Hotel, where her mother was the singer. “I have dozens and dozens of bottles of unopened liquor,” she said. “I have eight rooms of antiques, tables, lamps. I gave my elderly gay neighbors my piano.”

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