Letters to The Editor, Week of Sept. 13, 2018

We’ll definitely be there

To The Editor:

Re “Will snub hearing” (Scoopy’s Notebook, Week of Sept. 13):

My citywide coalition, Friends of S.B.J.S.A., is proud to work with Speaker Johnson and the City Council to pass this historic bill. We will be out in force for the public hearing and we hope to be joined by all New Yorkers who want to see this bill finally passed.

David Eisenbach


Sick of City Council’s hypocrisy 

To The Editor:

Re “Will snub hearing” (Scoopy’s Notebook, Week of Sept. 13):

If the City Council before its urgent public hearing now fast approaching doesn’t settle the legality scam the Real Estate Board of New York has used for years to slaughter the Small Business Jobs Survival Act, it will expose an utterly malignant hypocrisy beating at the heart of that disappointing institution.

Waiting for REBNY’s lawsuit to certify the bill’s legitimacy after it passes is the same as blowing up the train station just as the train’s arriving.

Like pedophile priests going to the altar hands pressed together in piety after raping little children, so many of our political leaders after declaring their “progressive” passions in eloquent speeches, hide behind that legality scam to do REBNY’s dirty work. They thus kill the passage of the S.B.J.S.A. while thousands of our suffering mom-and-pop stores struggle and die.

Those empty stores are a symptom of this dangerous moral and economic disease afflicting the City Council — and our afflicted city.

Bennett Kremen


Pols do REBNY’s bidding

To The Editor:

Re “On the S.B.J.S.A., this time, let’s get it right” (talking point, by Sharon Woolums, Aug. 9):

Thank you, Sharon, for bringing attention to the small business crisis in New York City and to the political corruption in City Council and City Hall. We must put a stop to the collusion between REBNY and politicians.

Our beloved city is being mallified. It is losing its character. Our neighborhoods are defined by the people and the businesses in them that provide social spaces for residents to relate to one another. How many more CVS pharmacies, TD Banks and other big-box stores do we need? These stores can be found anywhere U.S.A.

What we need are our small, quirky, mom-and-pop shops, our butchers, bakers and candlestick makers that make New York City one of the greatest cities in the world. If things keep going the way they are going, well, frankly, why would anyone want to visit New York City, if all they’ll see is a bunch of redundant banks, pharmacies and other large corporate chain stores? The city will have lost its charm.

It is sad to think this is all due to our elected politicians who say they want to help but behave in ways that indicate they are doing REBNY’s bidding. So sad.

Lena Melendez
Melendez is co-founder, Latinos in Defense of Businesses and Housing 


On the contrary, Mary

To The Editor:

Re “Dershowitz dishes on not impeaching Trump” (news article, July 19):

“Fellow liberals”? Where does Mary Reinholz get the idea that Dershowitz is a liberal? He’s ultraconservative. He even advocated legalizing torture after 9/11. Mary does some good work. (I liked her piece on the Freelance Isn’t Free Act.) But there are some things she just gets flat wrong.

Bill Weinberg


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