On Deck for Fall, A Cornucopia of Dance

Nora Chipaumire in her “#Punk 100% Pop*NIGGA,” at The Kitchen, Oct. 11-13 as part of the Crossing the Line Festival. | Photo by Jesus Robisco for Africa Moment, Barcelona, May 2017


Sept. 18-Oct. 13 (crossingthelinefestival.org)
Produced by the French Institute/ Alliance Française, the eclectic festival with the slightly transgressive title foregrounds dance events across the city in its 12th season.It opened with American choreographer Trajal Harrell showing “Caen Amour,” a re-imagining of hoochie coochie, Sept. 18 & 19 at The Kitchen. Next up, Sept. 25 and 27-29 at Danspace Project, is “What Remains,” made collaboratively by choreographer Will Rawls, poet Claudia Rankine, and video artist John Lucas, responding to the violence of the “surveillance state.” Frenchman Boris Charmatz brings his dazzling “10000 Gestures” to NYU Skirball Sept. 27-28, and Danish choreographer Mette Ingvartsen shows “21 Pornographies” at Performance Space New York, Oct. 3-5. French-Algerian artist Nacera Belaza performs at Gibney, Oct. 6-8 — and Nora Chipaumire, late of Zimbabwe, now of New York, returns with the three-part “#Punk 100% Pop*NIGGA” at The Kitchen, Oct. 11-13.

Sept. 22 and 23, Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company’s presents the project’s previous installments, and the final section, of “Analogy: A Trilogy.” | Photo by Andrew Jernigan

Sept. 22 & 23 (newyorklivearts.org/btj-az-company)
Storytelling has always been part of Jones’ arsenal of choreographic tools. Here’s a chance to see all three parts of his “Analogy Trilogy” — including the world premiere of its final section. The work, in process since 2014, runs six and a half hours including a dinner break, and comprises “Dora: Tramontane” (which tells the story of Jones’s mother-in-law’s experience in World War II), “Lance: Pretty aka the Escape Artist” (based on an oral history conducted with a nephew engulfed by sex and drugs in the 1980s), and “Ambros: The Emigrant,” a fictionalized history inspired by the work of novelist W.G. Sebald. Nick Hallett composes the live score, and associate artistic director Janet Wong and the company contribute to the process. At the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts (566 LaGuardia Place, at Washington Square South). Visit nyuskirball.org.

RoseAnne Spradlin exposes humans in extremis at New York Live Arts. | Photo by Maria Baranova

Sept. 27-29 & Oct. 4-6 (newyorklivearts.org)
Last year she was part of “Quadrille,” the Joyce Theater’s four-sided fall season of experimental work. This season the always-startling choreographer, the current Randjelović/ Stryker Resident Commissioned Artist at New York Live Arts around the corner, brings us a two-weekend run of “Y,” a new work for a cast of eight that asks what language a body speaks. Glen Fogel provides visuals and a sound score; Rick Murray designs the lights. Watch closely: Under all the abstraction are traces of swing! At New York Live Arts (219 W. 19th St.).

Choreographer Will Rawls, poet Claudia Rankine, and video artist John Lucas’ “What Remains” is performed Sept. 25 and 27-29 at Danspace Project, as part of the Crossing the Line Festival. | Photo by Julieta Cervantes, courtesy of Live Arts Bard

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