Cool questions for Peppermint, killing on Broadway and slaying at Wigstock

An army we’d gladly be drafted into: Peppermint and crew, at Wigstock. | Photo by Bob Krasner

BY VICTOR O | Ensconced in a corner of the sprawling staging area one floor below the rooftop venue where Sept. 1’s Wigstock 2.HO weaved its magic, NYC Community Media’s four-person team waited patiently for a trail of drag queens to avail themselves. But the demands of glitter, gloss, and glam (to say nothing of tucking) took its toll on the period set aside for press interviews. So when we saw Peppermint on the outskirts of the “do not enter” dressing room area, our Victor O seized the moment and got his interview with this sweet and approachable artist. The Season 9 veteran of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” was taking a rare afternoon off from performing as Ptyhio, The Oracle of Delphi, in the musical “Head Over Heels.” It’s yet another trail blazed for the recording artist and internationally recognized entertainer, who recently made her Broadway debut as the first transgender woman to create a principal role. Seen by this publication during previews, we were smitten with Peppermint’s charisma, comedic timing, vocal chops, and vulnerability. Knowing she was pressed for time, Victor kept it to the basics.

VICTOR: How do you feel, being here today at Wigstock?

PEPPERMINT: It feels amazing and epic. It’s a huge celebration of drag, and it’s just great to have something so historic come back. I remember being inspired by [1995’s] Wigstock: The Movie” before I came to New York. And then, once I got here, I went several times and even had a chance to perform a few times. So it’s very kind of full circle for me, and I’m just happy that in two weeks, they were able to throw it together.

VICTOR: That’s so awesome. Right now you’re getting so popular, because you’re in “Head Over Heels.” How is it to be in the show?

PEPPERMINT: It’s a dream come true to be on Broadway, and it’s an even better dream to be in a show that you believe in — the material. So it’s great.

Peppermint and the ensemble from Jeff Whitty and James Magruder’s “Head Over Heels,” at the Hudson Theatre. | Photo by Joan Marcus

VICTOR: I’m taking everyone to see that show. Because I saw it, and it was amazing. I was laughing through the whole thing [Victor sizes up Peppermint’s wig]. I was actually wearing a wig, too.


VICTOR: Yeah, but I took it off because people thought I was Adore Delano.

PEPPERMINT: Oh, my god [laughs]. Good, then you’ll do it and get paid.

VICTOR: I’m gonna put it on again, and that’s how I’ll get backstage.


VICTOR: What’s in the future for you?

PEPPERMINT: I don’t know. I mean, I would like to think the sky’s the limit. I’m interested in all types of projects — big or small, mainstream or, quote, underground. I mean, Wigstock was an underground thing for a while. I’m interested in any type of projects that are going to help me grow.

VICTOR: In which direction: acting, singing, movies?

PEPPERMINT: All of it. Yes, yes, and yes.

VICTOR: One final question: Will you be back for an all-stars season [of “RuPaul’s Drag Race”]?

PEPPERMINT: You’ll have to wait and see, darling [laughs].

Peppermint and Lady Bunny, at the Sept. 1 relaunch of Wigstock. | Photo by Bob Krasner

Photo by Bob Krasner

Photo by Bob Krasner

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