Bachelorettes shred at Washington Sq. fantasia

It was a real riot for Zeut Ryot at her bachelorette party in the park. Naturally, she got to wear the unicorn head of honor. Photos by Bob Krasner

BY BOB KRASNER | What do you get when 23 women in wedding dresses march into Washington Square Park armed with spray paint, silly string and Holi powder? The beginning of possibly the best bachelorette party ever, some might say.

Led by the bride-to-be — Zeut Ryot, a Philadelphia-based artist — the revelers picked their spot in front of the arch, enlisted the services of the BubbleMan for atmosphere and proceeded to set out on their mission.

Ryot getting decorated with Holi powder and silly string.

As one participant explained, “We’re here to trash the dresses and get trashed.” (Some might have suspected that things were not done in exactly that order.)

Once they had added sufficient color to the bride, they turned on each other before returning to Zeut to finish the deconstruction, this time with scissors.

The irrepressible Zeut Ryot.

Word had it the rest of the day would involve a bounce house and a rented mansion in New Jersey (and various refreshments). Alas, the photographer was not invited to the wedding.

The bride was stripped (almost) bare — and by her bachelorettes, even.

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