A bank heist straight out of a movie (staring Adam Sandler)


Call it a case of easy come, easy go!

Cops nabbed an alleged bank robber following a zany foot chase through the streets of Lower Manhattan, which saw the suspect literally throwing his ill-gotten cash at a pursuing bank worker as he fled into the Fulton Street Subway Station on Sept. 14.

A teller told police she was at her post inside the Broadway bank between John Street and Maiden Lane on Sept. 14, when the suspect passed her a note claiming “I need operation” and demanding cash.

The worker handed over $600 — in bait money featuring easily traced serial numbers — along with a tracking device hidden in the cash, according to police.

As the suspect fled with his trap money towards the Fulton Street Subway Station, he realized that another bank worker was pursuing him, and the alleged thief started hurling cash at the man in an attempt to throw him off his trail, cops said.

The suspect’s desperate ploy did not work, and the bank employee followed the alleged robber onto a train on the station’s A, C, E platform, according to police.

Meanwhile, a patrolman responding to the robbery was inside the subway station looking for a perp, when a bystander alerted him to a commotion on the train, and he boarded to find the suspect wrestling with the bank worker, cops said.

The suspect was immediately arrested, and he now faces felony robbery charges, cops said.

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