Transit Sam: Week of Aug. 16, 2018

Dates: Thursday, August 16 – Wednesday, August 22


You’ve probably been hearing about upcoming traffic Armageddon affecting the Lincoln Tunnel and are worrying about its impact in lower Manhattan at the Holland. Transit Sam is here to give you the accurate story, so you don’t need to worry unnecessarily.

The Route 495 bridge in New Jersey, just east of the Turnpike and Route 3, will have one lane closed around the clock starting Friday night at 11 p.m.  This will last for 2 ½ years. This will affect traffic heading towards the Lincoln Tunnel (eastbound) much more than westbound traffic. So, while we may see some more traffic at the Holland entering lower Manhattan it shouldn’t be too much of a difference since the Holland is at capacity much of the day now.  In the westbound direction leaving the city, I’m expecting very little change in patterns at the Lincoln Tunnel because NJ DOT has done a good job of mitigating the impending westbound congestion by closing a key ramp at 31st St. in Union City. This is far more critical for downtowners who suffer from the domino affect every time there’s a problem at the Lincoln.

Saturday is the last day of Summer Streets, which will close Lafayette St. from 6 a.m. to about 1:30 p.m. The Brooklyn Bridge’s Centre St. exit will also be closed. Be careful about the busy walkway over the bridge, and be prepared to run, walk, bike, and play, if there is no rain.  

The D Train will not run between 34th St., and Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn.

From the Mailbag:

Dear Transit Sam,

I received a camera summons in June for going 37 mph in a school zone. The ticket said it was a Hyundai, but I drive a Toyota. The judge said it doesn’t matter. I tried to appeal, but I haven’t heard anything and if I don’t pay now, I’ll be charged an extra $25.


Dear Marshall,

I found out from the city that your case was referred back to the camera unit to review the photo. A temporary hold was placed on your ticket, but it is unlikely it will be overturned, A mistake in a car make is enough to overturn a parking ticket, but with a photo as evidence for red-light running, the city can go back and verify the make and correct the summons. My advice is pay now and slow down- 37 mph in a school zone is dangerous and not defensible!

Regarding speed cameras, the State Senate shamefully allowed the law to expire allowing most NYC school zone cameras to be turned off (not all, would-be speeders!). I’ve joined many in calling for the cameras to be turned on ASAP — certainly before school starts Sept. 5.

Transit Sam

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