Seaport horror: Cops say father of baby found dead at Seaport dumped body, fled to Thailand

Police recovered the body of a dead, 8-month-old child from the waters underneath the Brooklyn Bridge near the South Street Seaport on Aug. 5.
Photo by Janel Bladow


Police plan to charge the Bronx father of a dead baby found floating in the East River beneath the Brooklyn Bridge — as soon as they can get him back from Thailand. cops said.

Co-op City resident James Currie, 37, was spotted in surveillance footage apparently carrying the child’s corpse in a backpack in the South Street Seaport area at 3:10 pm on Aug 5, less than an hour before bystanders vacationing in the city spotted the small body just off the shore near South Street, according to Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea, who spoke to reporters at a press conference inside NYPD headquarters on Aug 8.

Currie then turned around and hightailed it to Bangkok, flying out of JFK airport at around 2:20 pm the next day. But he never made it out of the airport in Thailand, according to Shea, who said he expects the Bronx man to be in NYPD custody before the end of the week.

“He landed, was never admitted into the country, and I anticipate his return within the week,” said Shea.

Currie allegedly took the seven-month-old child from his mother pursuant to a custody agreement on Aug. 4, and the baby was last seen alive on surveillance footage entering his father’s home in Co-op city shortly after noon that day, Shea said.

When Currie left his home Sunday at around 2 pm, security cameras showed he carried the backpack worn over his chest and covered by a blanket, which police believe concealed his dead child.

Investigators drew a connection between Currie and the dead baby after the child’s mother called 911 on Aug. 6, claiming the suspect hadn’t dropped the child off at day care, and saying she feared a connection between her missing baby and the body found in the river the day before, Shea said.

“I don’t think anyone could listen to the call without their blood curdling,” said Shea.

It remains unclear how the child died, and Currie — who currently only faces a charged concealment of a human corpse — may be subject to additional charges pursuant to the ongoing investigation, Shea said.

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