Police Blotter: Week of Aug. 9, 2018


A massive search featuring canine cops and choppers came up empty for the four thugs who attacked a man on Spring Street on July 31.

The victim told police he was leaving work when the crooks attacked him between Sullivan and Thompson streets at 2:05 am, hitting him in the face a couple times before nabbing his $600 iPhone 7.

The crooks tried to flee after snatching the device, but the 43-year-old victim gave chase, pursuing them into the Spring Street subway station, where he quickly triggered a police alarm, forcing the thieves back onto the street, according to police.

The victim lost sight of his attackers topside, and last spotted them fleeing into a Wooster Street building, which was quickly surrounded by police, who proceeded to sweep the building using dogs, while helicopters searched for the crooks from the sky, but their effort came up empty, and the thieves managed to escape, cops said.


A robber knocked over a Chambers Street bank on Aug. 4, nabbing $500.

The thief approached a teller inside the bank between Greenwich Street and W. Broadway at 1:45 pm and passed the woman a note which read, “I have a weapon, give me the money,” according to police.

The teller handed him the cash and the man fled east on Chambers Street, cops said.


A thief robbed a Broadway bank on Aug. 5, nabbing $736.

The crook approached a teller at the bank between John and Cortlandt Street at 2:22 pm and passed her a note that read, “no dye packs, no bundles, no straps,” according to police.

The bandit took off heading south on Broadway after the teller forked over the cash, cops said.


A shoplifter nabbed more than $4,000 worth of footwear from a Mercer Street fashion boutique on Aug. 3.

An employee told police the crook swiped five pairs of designer Versace kicks from inside the retailer between W. Houston and Prince streets at 6:25 pm.

Cops searched the area following the theft, but failed to nab the suspect, and the case remains open, according to police.


Cops arrested a man for allegedly beating his cousin with a skateboard and stealing his laptop on Mercer Street on July 31.

The victim told police his cousin attacked him with his deck between W. Houston and Prince streets at 4:50 pm, before allegedly nabbing his $2,000 Macbook Pro and skating off.

Detectives caught up with their suspect on Aug. 2, slapping him with a felony robbery charge, cops said.


Two thieves made off with more than $1,200 worth of hair-growth formula from a Wall Street drug store on July 29.

Surveillance footage shows one man keeping lookout while his accomplice pried the hinges off a display case inside the store between Broad and William streets at 3:49 pm, before nabbing 21 bottles of Rogaine for men and women, along with four bottles of Viviscal, a competing brand of hair-growth formula.

The crooks made a clean getaway following the hair-growth heist, and the investigation remains open, cops said.


Cops are hunting the thief who rode off with a $2,500 mountain bike on West Broadway on July 24.

The victim told police that she locked her Specialized Ruby road bike to scaffolding between Grand and Canal streets at 4:30 pm, and returned a few hours later to discover it was stolen.

Police haven’t nabbed any suspects yet, but the case remains open, cops said.


Some crook looted the register at a Pearl Street eatery on July 25.

An employee told police that she came in for work at the restaurant near Broad Street at 9 am, when she discovered $350 had been nabbed from the cash register.

Upon further investigation, she realized that all three doors to the diner were unlocked, and reviewed security footage that show the thief letting him inside the restaurant about 7 hours earlier.

— Colin Mixson

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