Police Blotter: Week of Aug. 30, 2018


A guy with a baby stroller punched another man inside an elevator at the Fulton Street Subway Station on Aug. 24.

The victim told police he entered the elevator at 6:55 pm, when the other guy came in with stroller and shouted, “you cut me off with my kids,” before slugging him in the face.

Paramedics treated the victim at the scene, while his stroller-pushing attacker fled, cops said.


Cops arrested a man for allegedly punching a cab driver in the groin — twice — after refusing to pay his fare on Park Row on Aug. 22.

The victim told police he was about to drop his passenger off near Spruce Street at 8 pm, when the man refused to fork over the $10.30 he owed, and instead exited the cab to sock his driver where the sun don’t shine.

Following his low-blow assault, the suspect allegedly took off and fled into a nearby building on Park Row, but the cabby managed to keep his feet and maintained a hot pursuit, eventually leading police to his alleged attacker, cops said.


Police cuffed a man and woman for allegedly macing a homeless guy and then beating him on William Street on Aug. 24.

The victim told police he was “drumming” near Fulton Street when the pair allegedly jumped him at 7:15 pm, first flooring him with a shot of pepper spray to his eyes, then stomping on him as he laid prostrate on the ground.

Cops nabbed their suspects that evening, charging them with misdemeanor assault, according to police.


Two thieves managed to nab more than $1,600 worth of face cream from a Wall Street drug store on Aug. 22.

An employee told police the crooks worked together to nab 40 bottles of pricey acne formula from the pharmacy between William and Nassau streets at 8:48 pm before fleeing with their ill-gotten face wash.

No arrests have been made in the case, which remains open, cops said.


A thief snatched a woman’s pricey iPhone X from a 4 train at Fulton Street on Aug. 21.

The victim told police her northbound train pulled into the subway station at 1:45 pm, when the crook grabbed the $1,200 smart phone from her hand and slipped through the closing door.

No arrests have been made in the case, which remains open, cops said.

— Colin Mixson

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