Police Blotter: Week of Aug. 23, 2018


Cops arrested a man for allegedly beating a deli guy, after he confronted the suspect over a cup of stolen coffee on Sixth Avenue on Aug. 18.

The victim told police he spotted the suspect waltz out of his bodega between Charlton and Spring streets without paying for his $3 coffee at 1:45 pm, and that when he ran out to stop the guy, he started beating him with a shopping bag.

The deli guy retreated back into his store to call 911, but the suspect followed him, and proceeded to steal not one, but two umbrellas worth a whopping $10, before fleeing, cops said.

Police later nabbed the suspect following a brief search, charging him with felony robbery, cops said.


Thieves nabbed more than $41,000 worth of electronics from a Thompson Street office space on Aug. 17.

Owners told police that the two crooks used an employee passcode to let themselves into the offices between Broome and Spring streets at 1:30 am, and proceeded to loot the place, moving from room to room stuffing a large suitcase with numerous high-end Apple laptops worth as much as $5,000 each, along with headphones, cameras, lenses, and other computer peripherals.

During the heist, the thieves busted through a plastic barrier separating offices, and used additional passcodes to beat other combination locks inside the building, cops said.


A thief nabbed nearly $10,000 from a strongbox inside a Broadway diner on Aug. 3.

An employee told police there was nearly 10 grand inside the lock box at the eatery between Fulton and Ann streets at 8 pm that day, but that every cent had been cleaned out before it was checked again on Aug. 6.

Multiple employees had access to the money box, which was not damaged during the heist, cops said.


Some crook rode off with a man’s BMW motorcycle that he had parked on Beekman Street on Aug. 13.

The victim told police that he left his $15,000 bike between Water and Front streets at 8 pm, and returned the following morning to find an empty spot where his ritzy Beamer had been.

-— Colin Mixson

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