Letters to The Editor, Week of Aug. 23, 2018

The press is a pillar

To The Editor:

Re “In the land of the free, protect the free press” (editorial, Aug. 16):

Applause! Congratulations and heartfelt thanks for preserving the first of our Four Freedoms!

Cynthia Crane Story


Donald T-R-U-M-P

To The Editor:

What you want
You ain’t got it
What you need
You can’t have it
All I’m hearin’
Is Trump lyin’ on the phone (not a little bit)
Hey baby, (not a little bit) he’s ruinin’ our home
Lyin’ mister, he wants all of it
Baby, (he’s just blowin’ it) tweetin’ on the phone
(just more lyin’ s—)
Yeah, he’s just blowin’ it

I’m about to give him, all my money
And I’m askin’ for his tax returns, honey
Not his lies, which are real whoppers
Lies on the phone (not a little bit, not a little bit)
Yeah! He’s a racist s—

Ooh…your kisses, smell like money
All I want you to do for me
Is go away, honey!
Don’t give it to me
on the phone
Yeah baby! (re re re re re re)
Whip me! Whip me!
I’m Trumped a little bit

So Donald T-R-U-M-P
I know just what you mean to me
Donald T-R-U-M-P
You’re not takin’ care of me
OH! (mock it to me, mock it to me, mock it to me!)

You baby, don’t care a little bit
You’re just lyin’ and you’re just breakin’ it!
I’ve got to have, just a little bit
But you want it all and you just lie….
and not a little bit.

Harry Pincus


More attack than critique

To The Editor:

Re “No spin, just facts: Rivera’s ‘Tech Hub’ flop” (talking point, by Andrew Berman, Aug. 16):

I have supported these efforts all along and share Andrew Beman’s disappointment with the outcome. I do think, however, that although his critique of the Tech Hub deal is valid, it could be expressed in a way that is less of an attack on Carlina Rivera, in particular. She will be needed as an ally in the future. I heard her speak and don’t think her position on the Hub was as clear-cut as the writer describes. I think she made a decision that may be criticized, but should not be so stridently condemned. Just my 2 cents.

Harold Appel


Rosie, where did you go?

To The Editor:

Re “No spin, just facts: Rivera’s ‘Tech Hub’ flop” (talking point, by Andrew Berman, Aug. 16):

What is disheartening is that Rosie Mendez, who did so much for the neighborhood, was replaced by an opportunistic politician whose first action was to break her promise and lie. I don’t think we can expect anything from her in the future. Vote her out next time is my answer.

Helene Volat


No segregation 

To The Editor:

Re “LREI segregated students of color in middle school” (news article, Aug. 9):

I generally look forward to reading The Villager every week. Your reporting is consistently relevant to issues affecting our neighborhood.

I start with the headlines. In the Aug. 9 issue, I appreciated your balanced coverage of Rivera vs. Berman on the controversial “Tech Hub” issue. Then my eye caught the front-page article about LREI, its students of color being segregated in the middle school. This alarming article represents uncharacteristically incomplete reporting.

The article in the New York Post you referred to was published very early in the summer. Since then, in rapid response, LREI wrote to all alumni and parents regarding the Post article and its distortions, that was then followed up by several meetings during the summer at the school, to which all alumni and parents were invited.

As an active alumna, I was certain to attend one of those early meetings and noticed there were about 25 others — at least six of them African American. I learned at the meeting about how the article in the Post was based on a discussion with one set of parents who questioned the school’s policies. No further research was performed.

In the many years of my association with LREI, I have never encountered any evidence of segregation. On the contrary, from its very origins, the emphasis has been on diversity. LREI has always designated a substantial percentage of scholarships to minority students.

In recent years, we have witnessed major pressures on matters of identity, which the school has addressed in its curriculum. The school has sought different methods of empowering the students through various programs, some of which have been more successful than others, a point the Post neglected to mention, and therefore prompted the kind of controversy the newspaper thrives on. I am surprised you did, too.

Susan E. Meyer
Meyer has been associated with LREI since 1949, when she was 9 years old, and is a member, LREI Alumni Association


Socialist solution?

To The Editor:

Re “On the S.B.J.S.A., this time, let’s get it right” (talking point, by Sharon Woolums, Aug. 9):

Hooray for Sharon! The Queen of Greenwich Village! Well done! I think you should reach out to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The current seismic shift in the Democratic Party to the left will likely sweep away the sellout centrist politicians who’ve been dragging their feet on this bill, in blind obedience to the REBNY mafia. When will these New York City pols have the courage to say to hell with real estate money, like many Dems across the country are now doing? Is this a new mini-version of Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall we are witnessing? These small businesses should be proud and happy with Sharon’s courageous work on their behalf.

John Bredin


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