Talk about a body of work! Baring all for art

Artist Aneda Vanaga came from Latvia to participate.  Photos by Bob Krasner

BY BOB KRASNER | Fifty artists, 60 models, 300 containers of paint, God knows how many photographers, and no clothes in Washington Square Park — it must be the NYC Bodypainting Day!

It was the event’s fifth year, but only the second occupying the park, after previously being held Uptown.

Artist Brittanyrose LaFemina takes a photo of her model, Amy.

Models came in every variety — ages, shapes, sizes and gender. The only constant was the oft-repeated sentiment that they were proud to be a canvas for some beautiful art.

Artist Andy Golub, who organizes the whole shebang, couldn’t be happier about the day.

“I stood under the arch,” he said, “surrounded by naked people singing ‘Imagine’ and I thought, I don’t know how life can get much better.”

Looking statuesque in Washington Square Park.

They didn’t hide that they were clearly lovin’ it — actually, they didn’t hide anything at all!

Takin’ it to the streets: The festooned-flesh brigade marching out of the park.

They call him Mellow Yellow?

Crossing Thompson St. on Bleecker.

Positively naked MacDougal St. Walking through the Village after getting bodypainted in the park.

On the top of the double-decker bus that was taking them to the party. Andy Golub — the bodypainter and event organizer — is in shirt with water bottle.

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