Strategy Learning at Preschool of America, Battery Park City

Photo courtesy of Preschool of America

BY MICHELE DeMIZIO [Sponsored Content] | The breathtaking backdrop of beautiful Battery Park City is the perfect place to immerse your child in a nurturing, natural and peaceful environment.  As a first introduction to school and society,  Preschool of America at 2 South End is specifically designed and suited to inspire children and connect them to our community.

Each of our age-appropriate classrooms, our library and our gym are dedicated to creating and maintaining a rich learning environment.  Our library is a magical place where imagination comes alive with book buddies, read alouds and storytelling.  The fully padded gym is where we enjoy gross motor sports and camp style games that your children will remember forever!  Whether its dramatic play, engaging theme related center areas, or exploring our natural world across diverse cultures, our children gain confidence in their abilities to compete in today’s world.

Surrounded with colorful characters, life lessons, sensory experiences and an atmosphere of joy, Preschool of America is a home your children never want to leave!  With a variety of learning styles, our curriculum engages and inspires an intrinsic love of learning.  Our students develop the thinking skills and strategies they will carry with them as they grow into critical thinkers! Some ways we learn here at Preschool of America, Battery Park City:

Physics through Play: Building Blocks of learning! Working with 3d shapes, construction, architecture and balance, we discover how objects relate to each other and how things move through space. We transfer this knowledge and apply it throughout our lives in a variety of settings and in everything we do!

Arts & Music: Here at Preschool of America Battery Park City we immerse our children in the Arts! One on one piano lessons, eastern yoga practices, mediation and art as literacy expression are just a few of the ways we learn about ourselves and about the world around us.

Dual language: English & Mandarin The children learn conversational basics organically, through circle time songs, cultural dances, games and creative play. Our story times, art & piano lessons are also in Mandarin. Culturally, this program allows for an appreciation of diversity and social awareness. Mathematically and musically, Mandarin language aids students in internalizing mathematical concepts,  allows for more creative thinking, subtle and complex tonal awareness, organizing thought and patterning concepts.

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