Police Blotter: Week of July 19, 2018


A thief nabbed a backpack worth more than $1,750 from a Greene Street fashion boutique on July 12.

An employee told police the crook waltzed into the retailer between Prince and Spring streets at 6 pm, before nabbing the ritzy, crystal-studded designer bag, and then sneaking it past the register.


Some punk snatched a wallet from a woman’s hands aboard a 2 train the Wall Street Station on July 15.

The victim told police she was half asleep with the wallet in her hands aboard the train at 7:30 am, when the reprobate wrenched the wallet from her grasp and fled into the station.


Cops are hunting the pair of thieves who looted a Reade Street department store on July 13, and then bit a security guard while making their escape.

The guard told police he spotted the crooks enter the store between 79 Reade around noon, and one of them grabbed $10 wall charger and attempted to leave without paying.

On their way out the door, however, an alarm went off and the guard asked the men to stop, leading to one of the men grabbing and biting him, while the other slugged him in the face, cops said.

Police searched the area following the assault, but came up empty, and no arrests have been made in the case, cops said.


A hungry thief looted a Fresh Direct delivery truck on Beekman Street on July 14, nabbing more than $120 worth of groceries.

The victim told police he parked his vehicle between 33 beekman at 9:20 pm, and returned eight minutes later to find out he’d be short a few vegetables on his next delivery.

— Colin Mixson

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