Police Blotter: Week of July 12, 2018


Cops arrested a man for allegedly assaulting another guy with a hammer at a Prince Street construction site on July 7.

The victim told police he was arguing with the suspect inside the work site near W. Broadway at 12:20 pm, when the suspect allegedly grabbed a hammer and brought it down on his shoulder.

The suspect was arrested later that day after the victim pointed him out for police, and he was booked on assault charges, cops said.


Police busted a man for allegedly beating a straphanger with a metal pipe aboard a southbound 2 train at Chambers Street on July 7.

The victim told police he was quarreling with the pipe-wielding suspect aboard the train near W. Broadway at 11:15 pm, when the guy allegedly smacked him across the face with the metal rod, opening up a nasty gash on his forehead.

The suspect fled following the attack, but investigators managed to catch up with him two days later, charging him with assault, cops said.


Cops are hunting the reprobate who robbed a donut shop inside the Fulton Street transit complex on July 8, nabbing a measly $8 from the tip jar.

The victim told police he was working inside the pastry store near W. Broadway at 5:25 pm, when the crook snatched the tip jar and the pair fought over the can and its meager contents.

The victim suffered scratches on his arms as a result of the scuffle, which ended after the two-bit thief gave up on the jar and just grabbed cash and ran, cops said.


A thief ripped off a sleeping straphanger aboard a southbound E train on July 1, taking his bag.

The victim told police he boarded the train at Jamaica Center at 1:55 am, and quickly dozed off, only to wake at World Trade Center with his bag stolen, along with his wallet.


Cops are hunting the fiend who nabbed a whopping $4 off a good Samaritan inside the PATH train station at the World Trade Center on July 1.

The victim told police the crook asked him to lend a buck inside the train station off Vesey Street at 8:27 am, but that when he opened up his wallet, the jerk snatched four times what he asked for before pushing his would-be benefactor out of the way and fleeing.


A thief drove off with a man’s $11,000 Ducati motorcycle he parked on Third Place on June 25.

The victim told police he left his import crotch rocket near Battery Place at 3:30 pm, and returned at 8 pm to find his pricey speed machine stolen.


Some crook nabbed a woman’s iPhone X from her hands aboard an A train at Chambers Street on June 30.

The victim told police she was on the train at Church Street at 12:15 am, when the thief snatched the cutting-edge Apple phone from her hand and fled through the doors into the station.


Cops busted a teenager for his alleged part in the robbery of a 22-year-old woman on Broadway on June 28.

The victim told police she was near Murray Street at 3 am, when the suspect along with four other women allegedly forced the iPhone from her hand, throwing her to the ground in the process, causing cuts and bruises to her knees.

Police arrested the suspect later that day, charging her with robbery, cops said.

— Colin Mixson

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