High Fashion on the High Line

PHOTOS AND INTERVIEWS BY MION EDWARDS | On a recent walk of the High Line, fashion-forward visitors brought their own unique flair to all points of the elevated park — from its Gansevoort St. Meatpacking District origin to the final section’s W. 34th St. exit. There were bold prints, flowy silhouettes, minimalist looks, and admirably uncategorizabe combinations. Many of sharp-dressed people we spoke with proudly told us they found their garments at local boutiques, consignment shops, or thrift shops.

Name: Moréna Wells | Age: 19 | Occupation: photographer | From: Dominican Republic | Describes style as: carefree, bold, edgy

Name: Alisha D’souza | Age: 24 | Occupation: law student | From: Melbourne, Australia | Describes style as: minimalistic, easygoing, chic

Name: Majora Carter | Age: 51 | Occupation: owner, Boogie Down Grind Cafe | From: New York | Describes style as: simple, comfortable, classic

Name: Maureen Dolan | Age: 24 | Occupation: nursing student | From: New York | Describes style as: vintage, evolving, relatable 

Name: Ryan Raffloer | Age: 21 | Occupation: model | From: New York | Describes style as: fun, trendy, comfortable | Name: Michelle Baranskaya | Age: 22 | Occupation: model | From: New York | Describes style as: adventurous, fun, stylish

Name: Susan Kreller | Age: 45 | Occupation: pharmacy employee | From: Germany | Describes style as: trendy, spunky, chic

Name: Aqeel Malcolm | Age: 25 | Occupation: technician | From: New York | Describes style as: simple, modern, classic with a twist

Name: Luciana Marins | Age: 32 | Occupation: Psychology student | From: Brazil | Describes style as: creative, grunge, fun

Name: Christina Loher | Age: 46 | Occupation: housewife | From: Switzerland | Describes style as: energetic, fun, colorful

Name: Amara Dan | Age: 32 | Occupation: bartender | From: California | Describes style as: casual, layered-chic, vintage

Name: Alex Cortez | Age: 24 | Occupation: musician | From: New York | Describes style as: free-spirited, whimsical, fun

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