Scoopy’s Notebook, Week of June 7, 2018

Liquor sticking point: We’re still trying to find out if Tom Connor has been reappointed to Community Board 2’s State Liquor Authority Committee. He recently told us he was, saying, “As of Tuesday,” indicating that he just had to go to a meeting on that day a couple of weeks ago, set up by board Chairperson Terri Cude with the two S.L.A. Committee co-chairpersons, Carter Booth and Bob Ely. However, Cude told us the hopefully conciliatory meeting was just a first step. “It’s a precursor,” she said, adding, “There’s a likelihood” that the senior gay activist would be put back on the committee. Last Friday, though, Connor reported, “Not back [on the committee] yet. The meeting was strange. Nothing resolved.” Cude and Connor did not respond to follow-up queries. Hey…maybe everyone should just have a beer together and try to resolve this thing.

Hell-evators: To its residents’ chagrin, Westbeth Artists’ Housing has been making do with only one of its three elevators for the past few weeks. Two of the cars were taken out of service because of water flooding the bottom of their shafts. When you board those elevators in the lobby, it’s like being in a washing machine, as you hear the water swishing back and forth. The eerie part of it all is that, as everyone says: “No one knows where the water is coming from.” Whoa! We’re told it’s been causing a hassle as more-spry tenants are taking the stairs and letting older ones take the sole operating elevator car. Meanwhile, the two on-the-fritz lifts were the ones that went to the basement, making it a pain to do laundry. As one resident told us: “Westbeth residents are losing patience with the chronic elevator problems in the main lobby.” Yet, as far as we can tell, even as bad as it is, no one is clamoring for Steve Neil, the building’s former executive director, to come back!

Sad news: In an East Village tragedy, Sequoia, the young son of squatter activist Erin O’Connor, killed himself last week in the same former E. Sixth St. squat apartment where his mom killed herself last August at age 50. Sequoia, who had inherited Erin’s place, reportedly was about to enter Columbia Medical School. Friends gathered at La Plaza Cultural last Wednesday evening and lit candles and said some words and prayers for him. Two weeks before Erin hung herself last summer, a woman named Emily did the same at C-Squat. And then there was Kate Spade’s death this week. … Too much pain and sadness.

C.B. 2 member passes: Zack Winestine told us that his Save Gansevoort co-leader, Elaine Young, died Sun., May 27. She was 75. The cause of death was cancer. Young was also an activist member of Community Board 2 and a Jane St. resident who crusaded against insane nightlife spillover from the Meatpacking District. She was always a straight shooter, in our book, and a good source on many stories. Her memorial was attended by 120 people. The Villager will have a more complete obituary in next week’s issue.

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